As the new year passes, we can’t help but look to the past. It’s interesting to see how much has changed over the course of a year, and also helps us determine what we hope for our future. This year, don’t let your fear of yellow teeth keep you from smiling. We have provided the best teeth whitening techniques so that you can resolve to smile bright in 2016. You’ll thank yourself when you look back next year.



Cut Back on Stainers

By this we mean drinks that tend to stain your teeth. This includes coffee, tea, soda and wine. Cutting back on these offenders may be difficult, but if you are successful, your pearly whites will start to shine. If you decide to indulge in one of these stainers, do your best to brush your teeth afterwards. If that is not possible, an easy teeth whitening tip is to rinse your mouth out with water after drinking any of these stainers in order to keep them from setting in.


Stop Using Tobacco

As if you need another reason to quit this deadly habit. The nicotine and tar found in tobacco products result in a yellowing of the teeth. Even infrequent smokers suffer from yellow teeth, and lifelong heavy smokers find that their teeth turn brown and start to decay. If you want to avoid this fate, cut out tobacco completely. Your smile with thank you.


Floss Often

If you have trouble remembering to floss, remember that it will contribute to the brightness of your smile. If you ask someone with a glowing smile what their teeth whitening secrets are, they will probably tell you that they never forget to floss. Flossing removes plaque that tends to build up around the gums and leave a yellowish tint on your teeth. If you’re having trouble maintaining a white smile, we suggest picking up this rewarding habit.


Quickstart Your Smile

These teeth whitening tips provide the best results when you are trying to maintain your smile, but will take a while if you suffer from significantly yellowed teeth. There are many services that can transform your smile quickly while you begin your journey to a bright smile, but one of the most efficient ways that has recently emerged to whiten teeth is Zoom!, a whitening gel that takes less than an hour to brighten your smile. This quick procedure will reverse years of staining and will allow you to easily maintain your smile by using the teeth whitening techniques provided.
If you are interested in Zoom! or any other methods to whiten your teeth, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists. We want to make 2016 the year you smile bright!