You probably know all about the usual “high in sugar, low in nutrients” suspects that lead to massive tooth decay like candy and soda.


You probably know sugar is a sticky type of carbohydrate that makes it easy for bacteria to attach to the tooth.


You may even know that the bacteria produces acid that weakens the enamel of the teeth and as a result, causes your teeth to lose the minerals it needs to sustain life.


But did you know there are foods that don’t even contain sugar at all that can lead to the same decaying effects, if not worse than sugar products?

Citrus fruits

Although the vitamin C in citrus fruits is essential to maintaining collagen in your skin and gums, an excess amount of sugar from fruits are extremely harmful to your teeth. The high amount of acid in citrus fruits could also erode your enamel and weaken your pearly whites altogether, if your teeth are constantly exposed to it. If you can’t help but give in to that citrus craving, have a tall glass of water immediately after eating, then wait another 20 minutes and brush your teeth. The acid temporarily weakens teeth and immediate brushing will only erode the enamel even more, but giving the acid time to neutralize before brushing will keep your teeth acid free.


Almonds are high in Vitamin E and contain healthy types of fats that will keep you full and satisfied. However, eating too many hard almonds can lead to fractures in your enamel and possibly break your teeth. Instead of eating whole almonds, consider a sliced version or adding them to yogurt to soften the blow to your teeth. Even crushing them and adding them to your smoothie will do the trick if you’re in hurry.

Pickled Foods

Pickles are low calorie, high-flavor snacks, which makes them an ideal sandwich topper, or even a standalone pick-me-up. However, they are highly acidic due to the vinegar and fermenting process, which can demineralize and weaken your teeth. Besides the high amounts of acid, pickled foods also contain sugars that contribute to cavities. If you insist on eating pickles regularly, try adding a piece of cheese to your snack as well. It will neutralize the acids in the pickle while giving you calcium which helps strengthen your teeth and enamel.


If your diet contains a high amount of any of these foods, it may be time to book a teeth cleaning appointment to ensure optimal oral health. Contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists. They can provide you with alternatives to your favorite snacks and provide a cleaning that will help you get your teeth back on the right track.