Saliva is arguably one of the least talked-about benefactors of our bodies. Known by many names– spit, dribble, drool, and slobber– saliva doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Here is our list of things you should know about saliva.


what you should know about saliva


Saliva Fights Cavities

Want to know your body’s natural defense against plaque buildup and cavities? Yep, you guessed it– saliva. The presence of this natural lubrication neutralizes acids that cause decay and acts as a natural cleanser after a meal. This is why having a dry mouth puts you at a higher risk of gum disease and cavities.


It Breaks Down and Allows You to Taste Food

The first step of the digestion process begins with the saliva in your mouth. It contains enzymes that break down starches and fats, preparing them for the rest of the journey through your body. The process of saliva breaking down food is what allows you to taste what you are eating. Yes, this means that saliva is to thank for your addiction to delicious food. You’ve got to admit, life would be much more boring if you didn’t have saliva and couldn’t taste anything at all.


saliva heals wounds


Cleans and Heals Wounds

We all know that dogs lick their wounds. Could you imagine if people did that, too? Turns out, it wouldn’t be the worst thing our species could do. In a recent scientific study, it was found that human saliva contains properties that actually speed up the healing process of wounds. They believe this is due to the presence of histatin in our saliva, a compound that kills bacteria, and now has shown to promote tissue growth. Next time you find yourself with scraped knees, maybe you should take your Dad’s advice and “rub some spit on it.”


A Sugar Land Dentist for Inadequate Saliva Production

The production of saliva has many benefits for your body. Unfortunately, this means that the absence of saliva can cause you some trouble, like constant bad breath and gum disease. If you suffer from dry mouth, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Point in Sugar Land, Texas to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists.