Denture upkeep can seem more time consuming than it actually is, and the benefits of keeping your dentures clean are endless. The better care you take, the longer your dentures will last and fit appropriately. Without denture care, your oral health can decrease, causing further oral reconstruction. Here are five easy steps you can take to ensure proper denture care and an overall increase in your health.


1) Brush and Rinse Everyday

No matter if you have a full set of teeth or dentures, brushing and rinsing twice a day guarantees a healthy mouth. Your denture care should mirror any other regular oral health routine. Just like natural teeth, dentures can attract plaque buildup and stain without proper care. Be sure to use toothbrushes that have soft bristles to avoid wearing down your dentures.

2) Be Delicate

It is not uncommon for people to drop their dentures while cleaning them, but it is very important to try to avoid this at any cost. Dentures are very expensive and delicate implants and should be handled with care. Lay down a towel over the sink when cleaning them to make sure they do not break if dropped.

3) Use a Denture Cleaner

Overnight denture care is essential to long lasting dentures. It is important to note that dentures should sit in cold water with denture cleaner when not being used, especially while you sleep. The goal is to keep them moist and clean, but using warm water will quickly disintegrate the makings of the dentures and cause premature wear and tear.  Avoid using toothpaste or other household cleaning products as they are too harsh for dentures and may cause discoloration. If you do not have access to denture cleaning, mild hand soap can be used.

4) Do Not Adjust Dentures on Your Own

Dentures can sometimes lose their tightness or become uncomfortable once broken in. Instead of making the change you need, contact your dentist who can provide proper denture care and refit them to your liking.

5) Proper Storage

As previously stated, store your dentures in denture cleaner and cold water for overnight denture care. Be sure to keep them out of reach from curious children or house pets. Dentures are very delicate and must be kept safe in order to avoid damage.


Denture care is a very important part of oral health and overall wellness. The dentists at Sugar Land Dental Spa in Houston, Texas provide excellent denture fittings and upkeep to make sure your smile stays bright. Contact Sugar Land Dental Spa today to set up an appointment for a denture or dental implant consultation.