People love talking about how much they hate going to the dentist. Almost everyone seems to have their own tale of dental drama and woe that’s perfect for pulling out around the campfire. Here are the top five reasons people say they hate visiting the dentist:

#1 The Drill – The drill is the conventional dentist’s tool to clean and polish teeth, but just the high-pitched sound of the drill is enough to make people squirm in fear and discomfort. It certainly doesn’t help that sounds are amplified within our mouths, and neither does the vibration!

#2 The Pain – Nobody likes pain, and dental pain can feel like the most excruciating. Almost everyone wonders, “Will it hurt?” when they take their seat in the dentist’s chair. At a number of dentists’ offices, that answer is unfortunately, “Yes”.

#3 The Anxiety – Because the dentist’s office has traditionally earned such fear and trembling (and scorn), a wave of anxiety seems pretty normal. But for some this anxiety is truly inhibitive and keeps people on edge for the days and moments that lead up to the appointment.

#4 The Clinic & Staff – One significant reason people don’t like heading to the dentist is that the office looks, feels and smells “medical” and cold—not warm and inviting. Others complain that the staff seem inattentive to patients’ welfare and comfort.

#5 The Lecture – Adults don’t like being treated like children, but too often that’s how they feel when they visit the dentist. Some dentists believe the only way to get people to change their hygiene habits is to lecture them into submission, but that often doesn’t work, nor does it do much for the doctor-patient relationship.

So there you have it—people tend to dislike going to the dentist, and they have very valid reasons for doing so. Here at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe, though, we believe you’ll be pleased to find a radically different dentist experience. In our next post we’ll explain why. Stay tuned!