IMPORTANT: Do not try to open a glass bottle with your natural teeth. Don’t even think about it —they will break. It’ll hurt, and you’ll be sitting in a dentist chair shortly thereafter.

Woman trying to open a bottle with her mouth

Ever think you’d be able to use your teeth to open a bottle? Seems farfetched, doesn’t it? There’s a new dental implant out that allows you to do just that. What is a dental implant? Simply, they are replacement tooth roots for those that have lost a tooth. Dental implants certainly aren’t limited to people who’ve experienced sports injuries. They can be a solid option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease. A dental implant can improve everyday processes like eating and speech—and are more aesthetically pleasing to look at than an empty space caused by a missing tooth.

A Dental Implant That Can Do The Unimaginable

Now they can open your bottles too. A company called Salta beer has designed tooth implants for Argentina’s rugby players, specifically those who have lost teeth in games. And get this— they also work as functioning bottle openers. It was an advertising publicity stunt by world renown agency Ogilvy, but the implant itself is very real.

Salta bottle opener dental implant


If that doesn’t paint a clear pictur, here’s a video of the actual process. (Not for the squeamish)

Your teeth are worth saving

While implants are great for those that have lost a tooth, it’s much more valuable to your long term oral health to save your existing tooth. In fact, saving your tooth is a life-long goal for each and every dentist. It begins with routine visits for x-rays and thorough cleanings by a hygienist. Your dentist will act quickly to rectify tooth decay by drilling out the damage and filling the remaining cavity. If the damage has gone too far, he’ll apply root canal tactics to destroy infection and clean out dead nerves. No matter which approach he or she takes, your dentist cares about one thing: saving the tooth. Make sure you visit your dentist on a regular basis and ask them about the beer bottle opening dental implant (although they probably won’t know what you’re talking about!)