Happy Cinco de Mayo! For many, Cinco de Mayo is a time of celebration and relaxing with friends and family. You may decide to have some authentic Mexican food and drink some margaritas, or otherwise sit back and enjoy the festivities. In case you don’t know exactly what Cinco de Mayo is celebrated for, it is a commemoration of the victory of Mexican forces against the French in 1862. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of a time Mexico was victorious against invading forces.

If you choose to partake in the festivities tonight, make sure to watch what you put in your mouth. Everyone has a right to indulge in good food and drinks during a time of celebration, but the key issue is making sure you clean your mouth properly afterwards. Don’t go straight to bed if you’ve had a couple margaritas. Even if all you’ve had is soda or juice, you want to make sure to rinse your mouth out and brush your teeth. We’ve covered the effects of alcohol before, but if you don’t brush your teeth you risk leaving a sticky substance in your mouth that could let bacteria grow. Additionally, alcohol dries out the mouth and thus bacteria have a better environment to proliferate. Drink plenty of water in between beverages, which will also rinse out your mouth.

Be mindful, as well, of the food you eat. These particles can become trapped within your teeth and may not be flushed out simply with a glass of water. Brush your teeth at night and floss, too. That last bit of enchilada may have been delicious, but could also add on to the areas where plaque could grow. Floss helps you reach the places that are inaccessible using just a toothbrush, and a good nightly regime will ensure you don’t wake up tomorrow smelling like salsa.

Have a happy Cinco de Mayo and celebrate safely! If you have a question about what foods and drinks to avoid, call our office today.