It’s no secret that dental care and restorative services have greatly improved within the last two decades. Oral health technology has advanced greatly, from the way we fill cavities to the innovation of dentures and crowns. Although these developments are usually being implemented amongst children and teenages who’s mouths are still developing, this doesn’t mean that older patients and parents aren’t entitled to the same advancements.

Often times people in their 30’s or 40’s may not be very confident or happy with their teeth. Some may be crooked or slanted, people’s teeth may be chipped or discolored, and they are worried that there is nothing they can do about it. A lot of patients tend to believe that their time for tooth improvement has passed since their teeth have greatly slowed down their growth and movement as opposed to when they were younger.  adultbraces2

Invisalign And Adult Braces

Braces have been drastically changed since many adults and parents were of usual age to get braces. In previous years, braces were very large and bulky; sometimes requiring headsets to wear at night and causing serious speech impediments. Currently, after years of orthodontic research and advancement, braces are very small and less invasive. The process of straightening and aligning teeth has also sped up with the use of braces.

However there are still stigmas against an adult wanting to have normal braces. Many people can become timid or self conscious at the thought of having metal visible on their teeth throughout their jobs and daily routine. In substitution there are some very advanced lines of ‘invisible braces’ that can do the same job as normal braces except incognito. One of the most popular brands, Invisalign, is notable for it’s corrective results without making the process obvious to those around the patient. Our office offers many adult corrective services such as invisalign.

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