Human beings live their lives according to the choices they make; if we have the choice, we will choose everything to be perfect in our lives. A smile is also a choice we have to make; whether you want to change the structure and appearance of your teeth, you need the best option on the market; one of which is teeth Lumineers.

Some people might have heard about veneers, but if you want to get those teeth fixed permanently for an unbeatable smile and confidence boost; getting a teeth Lumineers in Sugarland Dental Spa is the best.

What are teeth Lumineers?

Lumineers are just like veneers but are very thin, light and preferable than veneers. They are the best alternative to veneer and a swift alternative to changing your overall look for a beautiful smile.

Veneers are popular, but Lumineers are usually custom made for your tooth, and you don’t feel like you are wearing another material over your original tooth. Teeth Lumineers are durable, resistant to starch, stain and when all is said, best Lumineers procedures are gotten from Sugarland Dental Spa. One reason people love Lumineers is, a great cosmetic way for correcting issues with your smile without any drastic side effects.

Difference between Teeth Lumineers and Veneers

For the benefits of those that will confuse veneers and teeth Lumineers as same, we will give some basic differences of the two below.

  • Teeth Lumineers are thinner and lightweight than dental veneers
  • Teeth Lumineers are easier to fix on the teeth than a veneer
  • Lumineers don’t affect your original teeth structure but veneers do
  • The standard thickness for Lumineers is 0.3mm while veneer is 0.5mm thick
  • Teeth Lumineers are not the best options for severely damaged or stained teeth unlike dental veneer
  • With Lumineers you might have gum disease because they are fragile especially when done on teeth that are damaged and not filled

What are the issues that can be solved with Lumineers in Sugarland?

Some dental issues that teeth Lumineers can solve are”

  • Worn down teeth
  • Badly stained tooth or teeth
  • Broken or chipped off tooth/teeth
  • Improperly aligned teeth
  • Wide gaps between teeth
  • Give you the perfect teeth and smile
  • Reshape a tooth or teeth back to normal

The procedure for getting teeth Lumineers

The procedure of fitting Teeth Lumineers gets done in 2 to three visits depending on the type of treatment you need.

When you walk into our facility at Sugarland Dental Spa for the best Lumineers; you are directed to see a dentist that will explain the process for you. If you have an appointment, the process is easier and faster, so we always enjoy people to book one on our site.

In this visit, the dentist discusses what your aim and target are, including any family or past history for any teeth procedure done or infection that is hereditary. The dentist then gives you an X-ray and the impression on the teeth taken.

These X-rays result and your teeth impression are sent to the lab for your custom Lumineers constructed. Once the Lumineers are fitted, they are the final teeth as dentists don’t do temporary fixtures like other dental solutions.

The second visit is when the dentist performs the necessary for the Lumineers to be fitted to your teeth. On this visit, the dentist scratches off the surface of the enamel to ensure that the teeth Lumineers are bonded well to the base. The new Lumineers are gently placed over your natural teeth with some nudge to seat properly

They are securely bonded, the dentist makes you give you a bite test to see how well they are seated and function well.

Finally, a full picture to show you the before and after looks of the Lumineers in your mouth

At Sugarland Dental Spa, we always request a follow-up and checkup after a couple of months to ensure that the bonds are still in place. The bonds are not the only things that we check, the health of the new teeth, how you are fairing with it and if your gums are healthy. However, if you feel any pain or complications, please let your dentist be aware of immediately.

How much do teeth Lumineers cost?

Teeth Lumineers are very expensive as they are not cover by dental insurance plans.  A typical teeth Lumineers can cost between 800 dollars to 2000 dollars. Yes, they are expensive, but with a good dentist and procedure from Sugarland Dental Spa will make every penny spent worth it.

How long to Lumineers last?

Like their veneer counterpart, a good procedure can last up to two decades. At Sugarland Dental Spa, our certified dentist will deliver a Hollywood smile that people will droll over when you attend social functions and completely transform your life.

Benefits of Teeth Lumineers

If you are concerned about how well Lumineers fit than veneers, the benefits are:

  • They are less expensive than veneers and other correction options in the dental cosmetic market but also depends on the procedure performed
  • The teeth Lumineers are strong, durable, and sturdy and feel just like your natural teeth
  • Teeth Lumineers don’t take long from the first visit to fitting, a maximum of 5 to 7 days at a good facility
  • They are painless and you need no general preparations for them
  • You also don’t require any anesthesia, drilling, scraping, grinding, leveling or numbing to get them fitted
  • They are reversible if you decide you don’t want them anymore

Where to get the best Lumineers fitted

Teeth Lumineers are the best solution to so many tooth problems but in addition to fitting a Lumineers, you have to be certain that you don’t have any medical condition that can affect the teeth after fixture.

So to avoid falling into the hands of quack and uncertified doctors/dentist; your best option for an excellent Lumineers fitting is from Sugarland Dental Spa. We have a record and reputation for pursuing excellence without compromise. Call us today for more information here.