Think your child’s oral hygiene isn’t important until they develop permanent teeth? Think again. Strong and healthy baby teeth are crucial for children to develop proper eating and speaking habits, and decay may lead to overcrowding later in life.

Just like adults, babies and young children develop tooth decay and cavities because bacteria has been sitting on their teeth for too long. The bacteria turns into plaque, which eats away at tooth enamel and creates holes in the teeth. Additionally, extended exposure to liquids like milk or juice can promote decay, so never let your child fall asleep with a bottle (unless it’s filled with water).

Your child may especially be at risk for developing cavities if your water supply lacks fluoride or if they consume lots of sugary candy, cereals, and soda. If you’re concerned about your child’s oral health or suspect that they have a cavity, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe today to schedule an appointment.