Many times people worry about the toxins and chemicals that their body is subjected to throughout their daily routines. From the environments we sleep and work in to the foods we subject ourselves to eating, These excesses in our body’s system can sometime reside in our skin’s layers and as a result have side effects that many people aren’t too fond of.

Chemical Peels are widely practiced cleansing options in which a process is used to draw these ‘toxins’ out of the skin, thus rejuvenating the look and feel of both a patient’s skin as well as their overall being. Chemical Peels come in the form of a thin paste that gets spread over the patient’s skin and slowly grips onto the toxins inside your pores, then as it is removed it pulls them out.  exfoliate

There are many noticeable benefits of a chemical peel. It has been recorded that patients experience great health benefits and improvements regarding:

  • Acne
  • Stretch Marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Dullened Skin
  • Rough Texture

Sometimes patient worry that there is pain and serious discomfort regarding the chemical peel procedure. Despite the name chemical, the ingredients are actually no harmful to our skin’s overall health, only the toxins residing in it. There is a definite warming sensation and some patients claim to feel an intense tingling sensation, however not an overall burning or painful feeling. In fact, many patients say the procedure is rather comforting because you can actually feel the process of your skin being cleaned.

Many health conscious patients are willing to take extensive measures to ‘cleanse’ their body. From extreme diets to unfortunately invasive procedures, the need to rid the box of toxins and poor health is very strong among most. To offer a safe and relatively quick way to rid the pores of many different dermal invaders and toxic buildups has received an overwhelming positive response in the med spa community.

If you are considering a chemical peel to rid your skin of toxins and feel a vibrant, new you, then you are in luck. The Sugar Land Dental Spa nows offers affordable chemical peels for all scheduled appointments. Contact our office today.