There are various benefits of cleaning the teeth that are many people are not aware of. Some of these are even crucial benefits that only get known or realized when some complications are already present. In this light, it would be prudent to understand some of these benefits so that you will be one step ahead. Hence, you are able to prevent those complications from occurring.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD)

There are recent studies establishing the correlation between brushing your teeth and COPD or even pneumonia. Well, this is because these conditions usually occur when some bacteria get into a person’s lower respiratory tract, according to the Science Daily. Specifically, the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) says that periodontal disease is a kind of bacterial infection that starts when bacteria coming from the teeth’s plaque get around the teeth.  To establish the link between these two, the APP published in January 2011 a study showing that periodontal diseases increase the risk of having COPD or pneumonia.

In order to avoid this from happening, the preventive measure begins in simply brushing your teeth regularly. Doing so will reduce the probability of having periodontal disease, which is the main source of tartar and plaque.

Effect on Pregnancy

For women, did it ever cross your mind that a simple brushing of teeth has an effect in pregnancy? Well, you probably did not, just like majority of pregnant women out there. As a matter of fact, brushing your teeth improves pregnancy. This is because pregnant women are vulnerable from having pregnancy gingivitis. This is a mild gum disease that makes the gums swollen. There are even some instances when the gums may bleed because of irritation.

Aside from that, gingivitis can be considered as the start of a full-blown periodontal disease. Studies show that there is a link between having chronic gum disease and delivering a premature birth or preterm/low birth weight (PLBW) baby. Specifically, a study in The Journal of Periodontal showed that 79 percent of the 450 women who have untreated gum diseases delivered PLBW babies. According to AAP, women with healthy gums only have a 4.1 percent chance of delivering PLWB babies.

Oral Health and Losing Weight

Diabetic Living made a good argument about tooth brushing and skipping meals, which will give a good insight for dieting people. Well, they said that you would usually taste something not good when gulping orange juice right after brushing your teeth. Applying the same idea, this will make you skip meals rather than taste something bad.

The rationale behind that is more concerned on the state of our mind. This is because our brain becomes associated with tooth brushing as a sign signalling that eating is already over. Hence, you will feel something off when you eat after brushing your teeth. As a result of this, you will lose appetite. This is the reason why some people recommend brushing your teeth before taking a meal. This is for you to eat less or just enough to fill their stomach. This, hence, prevents overeating.