Good oral hygiene habits, like brushing teeth and visiting the dentist, can and should be established early in childhood. However, encouraging your child to maintain good oral hygiene can be an uphill battle. Make dental health fun by reading these books with your child:

  • “Brush Your Teeth Please” by Leslie Maguire is a pop-up book that allows your child to “brush” a lion’s smile and “floss” a shark’s teeth. Reading the book to your child while he or she brushes is a great way to make the routine more enjoyable.
  • Little Bill’s “A Visit to the Dentist” by Eleanor Fremont is perfect for a child’s first dentist appointment. Most children are nervous about the dentist’s office, but Little Bill’s visit will help to ease their fears.
  • “Dear Tooth Fairy” by Alan Durant is an interactive book about losing baby teeth. The book will answer several of your child’s questions while sharing a few “gifts” from the Tooth Fairy, like a fairy coin and letters.

Children who have good brushing and flossing habits and visit the dentist regularly are more likely to have good oral hygiene as adults. If have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe today.