Why Is Pediatric Dentistry Important?


  Like so many things that concern children, most parents also forget that pediatric dental hygiene is important, as the saying goes, the development of a child’s future habits are learned from childhood.  When a child is taught the importance of dental up keeping in their early stages, they incorporate these habits into their lives [...]

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How Long Does Cosmetic Bonding Last?


Well, let’s face it; even if your life is dull, you still need a great bright smile to get you through the day. You probably haven’t heard of tooth bonding, this is your chance to know more about cosmetic bonding for your teeth. There are lots of cutting edge dental procedures on the market today, [...]

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How Invisalign Works


  As technology and innovation improves the dental industry, we have many people that want even straighter teeth but are wary and disgusted with the metallic bracket and the weightiness of the traditional method of straightening your teeth. If you are among the many that what to have straight and sexy looking teeth, then you [...]

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Does Six Months Smile Really Work?


  Looking for a quick fix to get the best smile, welcome to the best Six Month Smiles you can ever get at Sugarland Dental Spa. Chances are you are not satisfied with your current teeth structure and smile; if you want a Six Month Smiles or the best Six Month Smiles; visit Sugarland Dental [...]

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Are Lumineers Good For Your Teeth


  Human beings live their lives according to the choices they make; if we have the choice, we will choose everything to be perfect in our lives. A smile is also a choice we have to make; whether you want to change the structure and appearance of your teeth, you need the best option on [...]

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What Sedation Is Used For Dentistry


  It’s normal for anyone to feel a certain amount of fear or anxiety when about to undergo an event that has never been undergone before. The same goes for dental procedures. Dental procedures are generally characterised by anxiety, prior dental trauma, and belonephobia (fear of needles and sharp instruments). Most patients are so anxious [...]

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What Is the Fastest Way to Fix Cracked Teeth


  Do you have a cracked or broken tooth? Possibly you bite hard on a candy or ice and you noticed that a piece of your tooth has chipped off. You need not panic, there are faster ways to get your broken tooth fixed. The tooth enamel is supposed to be the hardest tissue in [...]

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What Are The Stages Of Periodontal Disease


  Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease or gingival disease, is an inflammation of the gingival tissue around the gum line that can worsen to affect the gum tissue and jawbone and subsequently cause the teeth to fall out or be removed by a dentist. Periodontal disease is a bacterial disease and it occurs [...]

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Is Root Canal Painful After Treatment


  If your dentist has prescribed a root canal treatment for you and you want to know if the root canal treatment is painful, kindly note that root canal treatment is a bit painful and you will also experience some pains after the root canal treatment. Prior to the treatment, any pain you feel is [...]

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How Long Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Take


  Are you suffering from multiple dental issues, such as dental decay, bleeding gums, stained teeth, gaps in-between your smiles and cracked or chipped teeth? If yes, then you can get your multiple dental issues fixed with full mouth reconstruction at Sugarland Dentals. Full mouth reconstruction typically combines two or more dental restorative treatments for [...]

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