What’s a Chairside Crown?

If your dentist at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe recommends placing a crown over your tooth, you have two options: a traditional crown or a chairside crown (also known as a CEREC crown). This blog will explore the difference between the two options, and why a chairside crown might be right for you.

What is a chairside crown, and how does it differ from a traditional crown? 

A crown is a “cap” or cover that fits over a decayed, broken, or weakened tooth. Traditional crowns require two separate appointments to complete, but a chairside crown requires only a single visit and restores your tooth in just a few hours. Your dentist uses advanced technology to design and manufacture chairside crowns, right in the office.

Chairside crowns also require less preparation than traditional crowns, which usually involve filing and shaping your tooth, then taking an impression of your tooth, to ensure a proper fit of the crown. A chairside crown procedure uses a specialized 3D imaging camera to collect precise images of your tooth, so no impression is needed. 

Once the camera has collected all of the necessary images, and the design for your crown has been finalized, a specialized machine creates a replica out of ceramic. The fabrication process typically only takes a few minutes, and once complete, Dr. Lance Jue adheres the crown to your tooth.

Compare that to a traditional crown, which requires shipping your impressions to a dental lab, which can take weeks to manufacture and send your permanent crown. While you wait for a traditional crown, you have to wear a temporary crown to protect your tooth. With chairside crowns, you can walk out of the office with your permanent replacement tooth the very same day.

What are the advantages of a chairside crown?

Choosing to go with a chairside crown over a traditional crown has a number of benefits, including. It’s less time-consuming because you only have to come in for one appointment, as opposed to two that are spaced weeks apart. 

The process of getting a chairside crown is also more comfortable. Thanks to 3D imaging technology, you don’t have to take an impression using sticky putty, a process many people find uncomfortable. You also don’t have to wear a temporary crown, which requires extra caution and can cause discomfort and sensitivity.

Along with these advantages, the streamlined process of a chairside crown eliminates many of the steps of the traditional crown process that can potentially go wrong and delay things further. Traditional impressions are more prone to errors than 3D imaging. Chairside crowns reduce the likelihood your permanent crown fits improperly, and in the off chance that does happen, you don’t have to wait weeks on end to correct the issue. 

If you’re considering crown work and would like to learn more about why a chairside crown is your best option, call us today or schedule an appointment online for a consultation with Dr. Jue.

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