When your favorite drink is sweet tea and you haven’t woken up without a cup of coffee in the last year, your teeth might be taking a hit. Maintaining white teeth is hard enough without all of the sweet beverages we are able to get our hands on. Of course there are things we can do like brushing our teeth, avoid smoking, and skipping the sugary sodas, but sometimes that just isn’t enough.

woman smiling with white teeth, great teethIf you’re always on the hunt for great teeth whitening products then you’ve already tried all the special toothpastes and whitening strips that are being marketing to us. You may have also learned that they don’t always work. The white from the strips usually fade, and it can take months before any noticeable differences appear from the toothpaste. Those with sensitive teeth might not even be able to use these products because of how abrasive they are on the teeth. Then there is the possibility of having no results at all, even if you do use them. A Beautiful Smile At Lake Pointe won’t accept that. They provide whitening treatments like Zoom! that work better than any toothpastes or strips.

Zoom! Whitening

Zoom! Whitening is an extremely effective, in-office, teeth whitening procedure. Zoom! is the most effective, whitening treatment you can get in under an hour. Using teeth whitening gel and a special light to activate the whitening agents, your teeth will actually become white and stay the way you want. If you want whiter teeth and a brighter smile contact A Beautiful Smile At Lake Pointe for an appointment.  A Beautiful Smile At Lake Pointe has every service available for you to achieve the teeth and smile you want.