Food is always something to be careful about in terms of oral health–you don’t want to let particles linger in your mouth for too long because they can cause cavities to develop and prolong the existence of bacteria. However, certain foods are even worse for your teeth so you should make sure and avoid these deadly food sins:

Sticky candies or sweets. If you want to have a sugary or sweet treat, make sure you pick something that will come out of your mouth quickly. Usually, this means avoiding lollipops, Jolly Ranchers, caramel bites, and even some cough drops that have sugar baked all over them. The effects of chocolate are far less dramatic on your teeth, so try some cacao as it may also have some health benefits outside of just oral health.

Heavy starches. These are foods that may get stuck in your mouth, and can be hard to get out of your lodged spaces. You might think that munching on some potato chips is an easy snack, but consider how difficult it is to get small particles out of your teeth.

Soft drinks that are carbonated. Carbonated soft drinks are often talked about in terms of children’s teeth and being the reason for their decay. There is truth in this, however, because the soft drinks contain citric acids to wear down your enamel. If you don’t brush your teeth immediately afterwards, you might have prolonged effects and weaker teeth.

The best thing to do is rinse out your teeth with water if you can’t brush them after eating these foods, but more than likely you will want to brush with toothpaste or use a mouthwash. Doing your part to keep your teeth clean can prevent gingivitis and cavities that your dentist may find on your next visit. Call us if you want additional help with food-related concerns.