We all experience stress from time to time, as it is the mind’s natural reaction to discomfort. This is perfectly normal! In fact, according to the American Psychological Association, stress in normal doses can even be a good thing. A moderately stressed individual could actually perform better than they would if they were stress-free. Normal amounts of stress can motivate the individual to achieve greater results at work and in sports. However, individuals with high levels of stress can experience many negative effects such as exhaustion, . Too much stress can negatively impact your oral health as well. There are a few ways in which stress could hurt your teeth.

Too much stress could cause a poor diet

Changes in your diet can occur during periods of high stress. When stressed, we are more likely to eat “comfort foods” like ice cream, candy, and alcohol to help calm our nerves. These foods are often unhealthy, and are high in sugars and acids that can harm your teeth. An unhealthy diet can make it more difficult to properly care for your teeth by increasing the amount of bacteria and plaque your teeth come into contact with. Eating foods that promote oral health can help you avoid a poor diet. When stressed, it is important to maintain a consistent, balanced, and healthy diet.

Weakened immune system

Too much stress can weaken your immune system. This leaves you defenseless against several threats to your health, including cold sores and other mouth infections. When you are experiencing high levels of stress for extended periods of time, your immune system is not as capable of fighting off the bacteria that could form in your mouth. This increases the risk of infections and other oral health problems.

Grinding your teeth

When stressed, some people have the tendency to grind their teeth. Gritting or grinding the teeth is a bad habit that could cause structural damage to your teeth over time. If teeth are damaged due to excessive grinding, restorative dentistry treatments may be necessary to repair the damage. In addition to tooth damage, grinding your teeth could cause Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). TMJ could also lead to headaches and neck pains, which will not do your stress any favors.

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