Many of us, whether we admit it or not, can sometimes have trouble keeping up with proper oral hygiene. Whether it is because of our busy schedules or tendency to be forgetful, many of us will often times cheat our teeth and skip a much needed brushing after a meal or when we wake up. However, while too little of something can be a bad thing that does not mean that there cannot be too much.

Our teeth’s health is very important for both our outward appearance as well as our internal health. Strong and healthy teeth give us the ability to consume foods for our well being, and can ward off other oral complications says as the need for a root canal or gum disease. But is there such thing as brushing your teeth too much?  overbrushing

Too much, Too rough, Too Bad

Our toothbrushes are very important for fighting off the plaque and gingivitis that can grow rapidly on our teeth with each passing day. Using a strong bristled toothbrush and semi-abrasive toothpaste can help rid your mouth of the many health risks that could unfortunately lead to losing a tooth or causing an infection in your gums. But be careful that you’re not over killing the germs in your mouth.

Too much brushing will begin to wear down your actual teeth after many repetitions. Once the plaque is gone and all of the tartar buildup has been diminished, the brushing will use your own bristles against you and begin to do harm to the enamel that your teeth have to protect them. Should you brush too much and wear down your enamel, your teeth with become very weak and at risk of a cavity because their protective shield has diminished.

Teeth aren’t the only victims that can suffer from over-brushing. Your gums are very sensitive to minor abrasions. When you brush your teeth too much and too intensely, using hard bristles and strong pressing brush strokes, your gums can quickly become irritated and inflamed. This will cause them to throb and hurt, making it painful to chew food and even brush your teeth. As a result, your overbrushing could quickly become the cause of your no brushing habit.

Gentle Cleanings On Your Visits To Our Office

Knowing the health and habits of your teeth and gums is our goal. We want to strive for you to have a healthy and strong smile without virtually any pain or discomfort. That is why at our office we assure each and every patient their mouth will be thoroughly and gently cleaned by a trained professional during their visit. If you are looking for more information regarding the nature of your smile, contact the Sugar Land Dental Sap today to schedule your next appointment.