Cracked Tooth Syndrome: Don’t be an Emergency!


Did you know that the third leading cause of tooth loss is a cracked tooth? Why are they so common? Cracked teeth are one of the main reasons people have a dental emergency. No fun! Because teeth are lasting longer, there has been an increase in the incidence of cracked teeth in the last decade. [...]

Cracked Tooth Syndrome: Don’t be an Emergency!2018-11-16T04:27:30-06:00

Sweeteners and Your Oral Health: Sweet Facts to Know About Sugar Substitutes


Your teeth have an enemy and its name is sugar. We have long known that sugar contributes to tooth decay and poor oral health. The modern high carbohydrate, high sugar diet is a constant threat to not just oral health, but overall health. Everywhere you look there are high sugar foods, even those in the [...]

Sweeteners and Your Oral Health: Sweet Facts to Know About Sugar Substitutes2018-11-16T04:32:59-06:00

iPhone Cavity Detection: TPLI


Is your iPhone the key to the early detection of cavities? How many cavities can you look back on and say, “If only I had known about this sooner”? A leading-edge thermophotonic lock-in imaging (TPLI) technology out of Toronto, Canada is paving the way for everyday consumers to be able to self-detect cavities and tooth [...]

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Mummies: Toothy Tales from Ancient Egypt


  You might think your own teeth are interesting enough, but have you ever thought about mummy teeth? Today we’re going to glean some dental knowledge from long-ago history--  Ancient Egyptian history, to be exact. Recent years have brought us some fascinating stories about Egyptian mummies and the clues to the past that their teeth [...]

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Why Is Fluoride In Our Drinking Water? (Part 1)


What's the difference between a bottle of water and water from the faucet? The taste is likely the first thing that comes to mind. Bottled water usually comes in a well-designed package. It's marketed as a natural product, free of chemicals or additives. Every brand of commercial drinking water has its own taste, subtle as [...]

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Truth or False: Ancient People Had Better Teeth Than Us


No toothpaste? No problem—at least not for our ancestors. A new analysis of skeletons reveals that people who lived in Sudan 2,000 years ago had cavity free teeth. Ancient People Ate Better Than We Do You read that right. All the advancement in modern day technology hasn't delivered us a better diet, not from a [...]

Truth or False: Ancient People Had Better Teeth Than Us2018-11-26T06:02:53-06:00

7 Ways to Fight Tooth Decay


Tooth decay is a threat to every person’s dental health, regardless of age.   Bacteria in your mouth feed off sugars and starches in the foods you eat; they then produce harmful acids that break down your enamel. If the decay continues to go untreated, a cavity will form.   If you don’t have tooth [...]

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What Really Causes Tooth Decay


It’s common to hear people warn of the negative impact sugar has on your teeth. Many will warn you that sugary foods and beverages cause tooth decay. But is this really the source of tooth decay? Yes and no.   Here’s what you need to know about tooth decay and other information to help you [...]

What Really Causes Tooth Decay2016-06-10T17:16:43-06:00

Holiday Drinks that Stain Teeth


Possibly one of the best parts about the seasonal festivities are the creative holiday drinks that get you in the mood to celebrate. Where there was a black cup of coffee now sits a peppermint mocha latte. Where there was a pale ale now sits a Christmas ale, and the list goes on. While these [...]

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Prepare Your Teeth to Party For The Holiday’s


Everyone knows that with the holiday season comes a never ending amount of holiday themed parties full of every sweet treat and savory snack imaginable. There is always at least five choices of cookies to choose from, not to mention the cheese dip (one with sausage, one without), or the trail mix undoubtedly filled with [...]

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