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Is Root Canal Painful After Treatment


  If your dentist has prescribed a root canal treatment for you and you want to know if the root canal treatment is painful, kindly note that root canal treatment is a bit painful and you will also experience some pains after the root canal treatment. Prior to the treatment, any pain you feel is [...]

Is Root Canal Painful After Treatment2019-03-23T00:34:59-06:00

How Painful Is A Root Canal


Before explain how painful a root canal procedure is, it is important to know about the root canal treatment. The term “root canal” refers to both the inner part of the tooth (the passage in-between the dental pulp and dental roots) and to the tooth decay treatment that is used to remove infected materials from [...]

How Painful Is A Root Canal2019-01-23T01:09:10-06:00

Dental Sealants: Protect You From Decay


Your molars and premolars can be hard to reach and hard to clean due to their grooved surface. These teeth can be prone to cavities and decay, so dental sealants are often applied to tooth surfaces. Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are put on the surface of the tooth, that is usually used for [...]

Dental Sealants: Protect You From Decay2018-11-15T09:38:16-06:00

Cracked Tooth Syndrome: Don’t be an Emergency!


Did you know that the third leading cause of tooth loss is a cracked tooth? Why are they so common? Cracked teeth are one of the main reasons people have a dental emergency. No fun! Because teeth are lasting longer, there has been an increase in the incidence of cracked teeth in the last decade. [...]

Cracked Tooth Syndrome: Don’t be an Emergency!2018-11-16T04:27:30-06:00

Common Causes of Bad Breath, and How to Combat Them


There is nothing as embarrassing as bad breath. People who suffer from this condition, otherwise known as halitosis, have difficult social lives. It is so disheartening to go for a date, only for it to turn sour thanks to bad breath. Talking to people while suffering from this condition can result in much agony, as [...]

Common Causes of Bad Breath, and How to Combat Them2018-11-18T07:54:09-06:00

Dental Health in your 40’s: Special Care and Concerns


"Lordy, lordy, look who's forty!" The big 4-0—is a landmark for sure. Your 40s indicate a time of evolution from young adulthood to the middle-ages. This is a significant time for checking up on health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and several types of cancer. So, if you've been practicing healthy habits, keep it [...]

Dental Health in your 40’s: Special Care and Concerns2018-11-19T08:32:17-06:00

Modern Sporting Mouthguards


Mouthguards are u-shaped sections of plastic that are fitted to your mouth to protect your upper and lower teeth. They are usually made of nontoxic, nonallergenic components. The major concerns when choosing a sporting mouthguard are how well it fits and how well it protects your teeth. Wearing sporting mouthguards can help you avoid dental [...]

Modern Sporting Mouthguards2018-11-19T08:42:44-06:00

Floss or Waterpik: A Dental Comparison


Flossing has been the golden standard of dental hygiene for many years. Though flossing has come under scrutiny in the scientific community, it's the only proven method to remove plaque buildup between teeth. More recently, people have started including a waterpik into their at-home dental hygiene kit. The basic function of a Waterpik is as follows. A motor [...]

Floss or Waterpik: A Dental Comparison2018-11-26T05:55:30-06:00

5 Things that Damage Your Teeth


I bet your mom and dad warned you to brush your teeth or face the wrath of cavities. I also have a hunch they made you limit your candy, again in fear of the dreaded cavity. They were really hoping to limit unnecessary damage to your teeth. Hopefully, you've grown up to realize that it's not [...]

5 Things that Damage Your Teeth2018-11-26T05:57:10-06:00

Vitamin D: Do you get enough?


Vitamin D plays a big part in bolstering our immune system and preventing disease. Its nickname is the "sunshine vitamin" because our body creates most of it when exposed to sunlight. HOW DO WE INTAKE VITAMIN D? Whether we spend time at the beach or our local pool, one thing is clear: exposure to the [...]

Vitamin D: Do you get enough?2018-11-26T06:06:51-06:00


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