5 Easy Steps to Follow for Denture Care


Denture upkeep can seem more time consuming than it actually is, and the benefits of keeping your dentures clean are endless. The better care you take, the longer your dentures will last and fit appropriately. Without denture care, your oral health can decrease, causing further oral reconstruction. Here are five easy steps you can take [...]

5 Easy Steps to Follow for Denture Care2015-10-19T19:37:25-06:00

Dentures and Dental Implants: The Truth About False Teeth


Tooth loss can be extremely embarrassing and can lead to difficulty with eating, drinking or speaking. There are several options to help remedy a situation in which a tooth is lost or removed. The two most popular solutions being removable dentures and dental implants. Both options have positives and negatives, so making the decision on [...]

Dentures and Dental Implants: The Truth About False Teeth2014-01-20T16:25:41-06:00

Dentures: Friend or Foe?


For most people, tooth loss is a normal part of growing older. Although it is normal to experience tooth loss, many people opt for a replacement option. Dentures remain the most common tooth replacement option, but do they help people or hurt them? Friend: Dentures Can Restore Appearance A toothless appearance is very unattractive, and [...]

Dentures: Friend or Foe?2013-09-25T09:45:36-06:00