Dentist That Do Dental Crowns in a Day


Do you have cracked, chipped, broken, or worn down teeth? You may be required to undergo the dental crowns procedure. Dental crowns are dental cap designed to cover the visible portion (enamels) of the teeth. Dental crowns restore the strength, shapes, and sizes of the teeth as well as enhance the general look of the [...]

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Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?


In our late teens to mid-twenties, our third molars--commonly called our “wisdom teeth”--start to come in. In most cases, the jaw is not able to accommodate these new additions, and painful complications can result. Most wisdom teeth erupt partially or not at all; both cause unique problems for your teeth and oral health.   Impacted [...]

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Dental Sealants: Protect You From Decay


Your molars and premolars can be hard to reach and hard to clean due to their grooved surface. These teeth can be prone to cavities and decay, so dental sealants are often applied to tooth surfaces. Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are put on the surface of the tooth, that is usually used for [...]

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What about Baby Teeth?: Things You Need to Know


Baby teeth, deciduous teeth, primary teeth--call them what you may, serve many purposes and are an important part of your child’s health. So, why do they fall out and how important are they? Here are some fun facts to know about your child’s teeth!   When your child is born, the baby teeth are already [...]

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Frenectomies: The How and Why – Understanding the Connection


A frenum is a tissue attachment of the lip or tongue to the gums. It is like a tether that anchors a moveable tissue to a more stationary one. A frenectomy releases this attachment. In the mouth, frenectomies are commonly performed in three areas. Let’s take a look.   If you pull your upper lip [...]

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Mummies: Toothy Tales from Ancient Egypt


  You might think your own teeth are interesting enough, but have you ever thought about mummy teeth? Today we’re going to glean some dental knowledge from long-ago history--  Ancient Egyptian history, to be exact. Recent years have brought us some fascinating stories about Egyptian mummies and the clues to the past that their teeth [...]

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The Benefits of Dental Lasers


Since the early 1990s, laser dentistry is used for many different procedures. The laser produces an intense beam of light, which causes a reaction when it comes in contact with tissue.   Dental lasers can be used to shape or remove tissue in your mouth. Dentists will often use lasers with other instruments simultaneously, providing [...]

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Dental Digital Radiography vs. Dental X-rays


Dental X-rays are used to look deeper into your dental health. However, many people are concerned about the radiation exposure that comes with X-rays. If this is a big concern for you, digital radiology is a great option.   Here at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe, we offer only digital radiology because it is [...]

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4 Things You Need to Know About Your Tongue


Did you know that we have, on average, 3,000 to 10,000 taste buds on our tongues? This allows us to taste the different flavors in foods. However, the tongue does much more than determine flavors; it's an important part of your dental health.     Here are the things you need to know about your [...]

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The Anatomy of Your Teeth


For a beautiful and healthy smile, it’s important for you to maintain a good dental routine. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and visit your dentist every six months. From your teeth to your jaw bone, we’ll be taking a closer look at the different parts of your mouth.     [...]

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