Mosquito Season in Sugar Land


It’s that time of year again-- mosquito season. The city of Sugar Land sprays for mosquitos from May through October, and although this greatly reduces the mosquito population, there are still many mosquitoes out there to burden our backyard barbeques and camping trips. I’m sure you’ve heard many ways to ward off mosquitoes, but which [...]

Mosquito Season in Sugar Land2016-05-02T09:13:00-06:00

Dancing Under The Stars in Sugar Land


Call the babysitter, because tonight is the perfect night to enjoy a dance under the stars with your partner. Dancing Under the Stars is an evening event hosted by Sugar Land Town Square and is open to the public. Dance instructors from the world renowned Fred Astaire Dance Studio will guide you throughout the night [...]

Dancing Under The Stars in Sugar Land2016-04-29T14:29:14-06:00

A Healthy Toast for Cinco de Mayo!


Happy Cinco de Mayo! For many, Cinco de Mayo is a time of celebration and relaxing with friends and family. You may decide to have some authentic Mexican food and drink some margaritas, or otherwise sit back and enjoy the festivities. In case you don't know exactly what Cinco de Mayo is celebrated for, it [...]

A Healthy Toast for Cinco de Mayo!2015-05-05T14:23:02-06:00

New Study Links Gum Disease to Kidney Disease


We often hear about the links between gum disease and heart disease, especially among older Americans. And while it's obvious that the body is an interconnected machine with intricate functions, learning about the associations between different diseases is complex. A recently released study of normal kidney function found an association between gum disease, or periodontitis, [...]

New Study Links Gum Disease to Kidney Disease2014-11-17T18:40:44-06:00

Most Common Reasons For Not Visiting the Dentist (and why you should still go)


Unfortunately, only about 2/3 of Americans visit the dentist regularly. This means that millions of people are letting bacteria and harmful germs stay in their mouths and cause infections. If you are thinking about skipping the dentist here are some of the common excuses people give and why it shouldn't deter you. Cost It may [...]

Most Common Reasons For Not Visiting the Dentist (and why you should still go)2014-10-24T15:31:09-06:00

Dentists Help Prevent Oral Cancer


Oral cancer is a painful disease that will be diagnosed in about 43,000 Americans this year. The five-year survival rate is only 57%, leading to one of the highest mortality rates out of all cancer types. Early detection is key to survival and preventing the cancer from ever leaving the stage one phase. Fortunately, the [...]

Dentists Help Prevent Oral Cancer2014-08-22T11:38:00-06:00

How Warning Signs Pertaining to Oral Health Can Indicate More Serious Conditions


Regular visits to the dentist not only help decrease and minimize oral health concerns – primarily tooth decay and gum diseases, but are also important in discovering and diagnosing other, sometimes more severe medical conditions. Dentists know how to assess the overall oral health of their patients, but they may also be able to recognize [...]

How Warning Signs Pertaining to Oral Health Can Indicate More Serious Conditions2014-06-16T10:43:04-06:00

Dr. Jue Partners with A Soldier’s Smile


  Dr. Jue is now partnering with A Soldier’s Smile, a non-profit organization that exists to provide active-duty soldiers and veterans the professional dental care they need, but are otherwise ineligible to receive. This is part of a greater initiative to help returning soldiers feel confident as they rebuild their lives back home. To those [...]

Dr. Jue Partners with A Soldier’s Smile2013-04-02T09:15:40-06:00

Tooth Tattoos… For Your Health


Decorative tooth tattoos recently made a splash on the pop culture scene, but now a team of scientists is harnessing the trend for health and well being. A research team of bioengineers from Princeton and Tufts have fashioned a prototype of a gold, tattoo-like sensor that will detect illness and infection before it becomes a [...]

Tooth Tattoos… For Your Health2013-02-19T16:27:34-06:00

Fish With Human Teeth?


Occasionally, a news story will surface about someone finding a fish with human teeth. Photos of the fish reveal a mouth filled with eerily human-like pearly whites. The discovery usually confuses local authorities, but most of these fish are later identified as pacu, a relative to the piranha. Pacu are normally found in South American [...]

Fish With Human Teeth?2012-02-23T00:28:34-06:00