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Do I Need Oral Cancer Screening


Oral cancer screening is a dental examination carried out by your dentist to look out for any sign or symptom of cancer or any precancerous condition in your mouth. The essence of undergoing mouth cancer screening is to identify oral cancer early, especially when there is still a greater chance of arresting the cancerous cells. [...]

Do I Need Oral Cancer Screening2019-01-23T01:07:23-06:00

Gluten Intolerance and Your Oral Health


Over the past ten years, our culture’s awareness of gluten in food products has skyrocketed. A gluten-free diet, once limited to individuals with celiac disease, is increasingly common for those that experience adverse reactions to the protein. Gluten is a naturally-occurring protein found in wheat, barley and rye products. Common signs of gluten sensitivity include [...]

Gluten Intolerance and Your Oral Health2018-11-15T08:55:37-06:00

Summer Tips and Reminders for a Healthy Mouth


Summer is upon us, and that means three (four if you're in The South) busy months of beautiful, hot, sunny days to travel, exercise, and hopefully lounge around. With that said, it’s important to not forget about your health, your oral health to be exact. Here are a few things to keep in mind during [...]

Summer Tips and Reminders for a Healthy Mouth2019-05-31T23:48:59-06:00

What is Fluorosis, and am I at Risk?


Dental fluorosis refers to changes in a tooth’s enamel caused by overexposure to fluoride. These changes can be extremely mild to severe in appearance: mild cases exhibit white specks or spots, usually near the bottom edge of the tooth, and severe cases result in brown stains and a pitted texture. The good news? If you’re [...]

What is Fluorosis, and am I at Risk?2018-11-15T09:17:50-06:00

Asthma & Oral Health


Asthma currently affects over 25 million people in the United States. This disorder causes airways to become swollen and narrow, leading to chronic shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness and coughing. In addition to breathing difficulty, asthma can have adverse effects on oral health. Dry Mouth People with asthma tend to be mouth-breathers, making them [...]

Asthma & Oral Health2018-11-15T09:41:56-06:00

Yes, You Should Clean Your Tongue


I’ll tell you right now that you should always brush your tongue. Just as you always brush, floss, and rinse your teeth, you should never forget to clean your tongue. This practice has slipped under the radar and no one really understands why one should even care.   The tongue is covered in pores and [...]

Yes, You Should Clean Your Tongue2018-11-15T09:44:03-06:00

The Truth About Teething: Separating Fact from Fairy Tale


Teething is both a milestone and a mystery. For years people have raised their children with most of the information about teething coming from family, friends, and folklore. While there is plenty of advice to go around, how much of it is accurate? As it turns out, not much! I know, I know. Enough with [...]

The Truth About Teething: Separating Fact from Fairy Tale2018-11-15T09:55:17-06:00

What about Baby Teeth?: Things You Need to Know


Baby teeth, deciduous teeth, primary teeth--call them what you may, serve many purposes and are an important part of your child’s health. So, why do they fall out and how important are they? Here are some fun facts to know about your child’s teeth!   When your child is born, the baby teeth are already [...]

What about Baby Teeth?: Things You Need to Know2018-11-16T04:21:16-06:00

Frenectomies: The How and Why – Understanding the Connection


A frenum is a tissue attachment of the lip or tongue to the gums. It is like a tether that anchors a moveable tissue to a more stationary one. A frenectomy releases this attachment. In the mouth, frenectomies are commonly performed in three areas. Let’s take a look.   If you pull your upper lip [...]

Frenectomies: The How and Why – Understanding the Connection2018-11-15T09:54:50-06:00


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