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4 Creative Tooth Extractions


Next time you are bored, search “crazy ways to pull teeth” on Youtube. Long gone are the days of dental floss and doorknobs. Modern kids are coming up with clever ways to extract their loose baby teeth. Though the proper way to pull a loose tooth is to wiggle the tooth back and forth until [...]

4 Creative Tooth Extractions2018-11-27T04:39:39-06:00

4 Motherhood Myths (That are Bad for Baby Teeth)


It’s never too early to worry about your baby’s oral health. In fact, laying the foundation for healthy teeth starts while your baby is still in the womb. So, it is important to debunk these motherhood myths that are actually bad for baby teeth. Myth #1: Honey Pacifiers Are Great For Calming A Baby Here’s [...]

4 Motherhood Myths (That are Bad for Baby Teeth)2016-04-13T09:33:34-06:00

Pulling Loose Baby Teeth: What You Should Know


A recent video of a dad using a Nerf gun to pull out one of his daughter’s loose baby teeth went viral. Although many Internet users commended the father for being the “World’s Coolest Dad,” is this practice actually safe? It turns out, pulling loose baby teeth is not the way to go. Watch the [...]

Pulling Loose Baby Teeth: What You Should Know2018-11-15T09:45:26-06:00

Stories of Survival: 3 Children Who Are Alive Thanks to Saved Stem Cells


We are living in a truly wonderful time. The cure to many diseases that have plagued the human race is quickly become obtainable. Saved stem cells are showing promise as the golden anecdote. We have found incredible stories of children that have been saved by their own stem cells to encourage parents to store their [...]

Stories of Survival: 3 Children Who Are Alive Thanks to Saved Stem Cells2016-02-19T23:50:18-06:00

Caring for Baby Teeth: When Should You Start?


The typical baby should visit a dentist by their first birthday, but caring for baby teeth begins much earlier. In fact, even before the first tooth emerges it is important to take proper care of your baby’s gums. If you are new to parenthood, don’t stress. We are here to outline how and when you [...]

Caring for Baby Teeth: When Should You Start?2016-02-17T10:00:09-06:00

Why You Should Save Your Child’s Baby Teeth Now


Nothing is more magical for a child leaving his/her tooth under a pillow only to wake up to money left behind by a mysterious fairy. But where do the teeth go? Is she building a porcelain throne? Tell your children what you will, but most parents resort to throwing out their children’s baby teeth. A [...]

Why You Should Save Your Child’s Baby Teeth Now2015-11-04T22:58:37-06:00

The Negative Effects of Candy


Most kids love the yummy taste of candy, and parents tend to dislike ti because it causes kids to get riled up on sweets. But besides the sugary effects on their brains, kids might suffer orally when they eat candy. It is important to make sure children still understand how important it is to be [...]

The Negative Effects of Candy2015-04-16T20:40:08-06:00

The Basics of Pediatric Dental Care


While most adults hate going to the dentist it can be even worse for children, who are unable to comprehend just how important dental health is. Regular dental care is especially important, however, for young children. According to the American Dental Association a child's first dental appointment should be within six months of their first [...]

The Basics of Pediatric Dental Care2015-01-14T01:51:03-06:00

Teaching Your Children Healthy Dental Habits


When helping your children get ready in the mornings, you may notice they are reluctant to brush their teeth or claim that they don’t need to. For children, tooth brushing and flossing are tedious, boring tasks that do not provide them any gratification. That’s why it’s important to instill in them good dental habits! If [...]

Teaching Your Children Healthy Dental Habits2014-09-26T14:51:54-06:00

What is Store-A-Tooth?


With advancing research in stem cells, more and more families are choosing to save a source of their child’s stem cells in case of future need. The most common practice is to save a child’s umbilical cord at a blood bank. However, if that is no longer an option, take a moment to consider the [...]

What is Store-A-Tooth?2019-06-10T06:22:23-06:00


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