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Peel off 2015 – Micropeel Treatment – Q&A’s


2016 is only two days away and a New Year means a fresh start, clean of all discrepancies and misfortunes of 2015. Many people like to cram in as many things into the end of the year and put it all behind them, like over eating before the “new year diet” begins, or taking all [...]

Peel off 2015 – Micropeel Treatment – Q&A’s2015-12-30T08:24:17-06:00

3 Ways to Treat Wrinkles as You Age


No matter how much we try to avoid it, almost everyone develops wrinkles at some point in their lives and not all of us are able to age gracefully. Wrinkles form naturally due to thin, dry skin that has little to no elasticity left. If your wrinkles are giving you grief, find out how they [...]

3 Ways to Treat Wrinkles as You Age2015-09-25T16:51:10-06:00

3 Preventable Causes of Early Wrinkles


It is well known that wrinkles are a natural result of aging. However, it is possible to develop early wrinkles, even at a young age. That does not mean there is nothing you can do to prevent them. Did you know there are several causes of early wrinkles that can be easily prevented? Most Preventable [...]

3 Preventable Causes of Early Wrinkles2015-07-27T16:14:01-06:00

Things to Know before Using JuveDerm


Using hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are becoming more and more popular in recent years as soft tissue augmentation agents. These fillers are the ones being used in JuveDerm. As a matter of fact, HA fillers ranked fifth among the most common non-surgical procedures being performed in the United States, according to the survey of the [...]

Things to Know before Using JuveDerm2014-07-11T21:09:43-06:00

JuveDerm: A New Way for a Wrinkle-free Look


Skin care is a very big market. According to the reports, almost 15 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were conducted in 2012 alone. These are equivalent to millions of dollars. Most of these are for reconstructive procedures. However, people nowadays are looking for more efficient, less hassle and non-invasive ways for their skin to stay [...]

JuveDerm: A New Way for a Wrinkle-free Look2014-07-07T20:49:49-06:00

What Is Sun Poisoning?


Every health conscious and responsible outdoors person understands the importance of proper dermal protection. Keeping your skin smooth and healthy is very important for not only your looks but the well being of your body overall. Many spa treatment goers tend to look for extra help with their complexion and tips for keeping their skin [...]

What Is Sun Poisoning?2014-04-30T13:14:04-06:00

Benefits Of A Chemical Peel


Many times people worry about the toxins and chemicals that their body is subjected to throughout their daily routines. From the environments we sleep and work in to the foods we subject ourselves to eating, These excesses in our body’s system can sometime reside in our skin’s layers and as a result have side effects [...]

Benefits Of A Chemical Peel2014-04-22T15:54:44-06:00

What is Juvederm and How Can It Help?


Juvederm is a smooth gel filler that smoothes away wrinkles that formed around the mouth or nose. The Juvederm gel is a hyaluronic acid substitute. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally formed substance in the skin that’s main purpose is to bind and absorb water, much like a sponge. This acid gives the face volume and [...]

What is Juvederm and How Can It Help?2014-02-24T13:37:41-06:00

Caviar Facials: Anything But Fishy


Caviar is known to be one of the most expensive and luxurious foods in the world. This delicacy is made from tiny cured fish eggs that are processed and salted for consumption. However, caviar is not just for eating anymore. There is a new facial phenomenon, involving caviar, that many spas are now offering. Caviar [...]

Caviar Facials: Anything But Fishy2014-02-03T18:07:37-06:00