Sugar Land Skin ResurfacingCaviar is known to be one of the most expensive and luxurious foods in the world. This delicacy is made from tiny cured fish eggs that are processed and salted for consumption. However, caviar is not just for eating anymore. There is a new facial phenomenon, involving caviar, that many spas are now offering. Caviar has been known to be beneficial to the skin, hair and nails and many beauty products have now started to include caviar extract.

Caviar facials are typically made from a mixture of black caviar and proteins that are applied to the face after preparation. After the facial is dried and cleaned from the face, the skin looks more radiant and youthful. Though the question is: how do these facials help?

Benefits of Caviar Facials

Caviar has many anti-aging properties that can be absorbed through the skin when applied correctly. Caviar includes Omega-3 and Omega 6. These fatty-acids repair damaged skin tissue and promote collagen production. Omega-3 has also been known to leave skin with a radiant glow and luminosity that is not easily produced.

Caviar is also rich in Vitamins A and E, which help moisturize the skin and correct damage and sun exposure.

These facials have been known to improve the elasticity of skin and prevent fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. This is due to the fact that human cells and caviar cells are similar in structure. The similar cell structures allow for the skin rejuvenation process to be sped up, and the skin cells regenerate at a faster pace.


Most spa-goers see immediate results from this facial treatment and often return for more. This facial hydrates and lifts the skin, while plumping it and firming it to make the skin appear to be more youthful.

After the facial, skin is more soft and smooth, which benefits those who wear makeup religiously. Caviar facials leave a better base for makeup and act as a smooth primer for it. The foundation that it creates causes makeup to be applied more smoothly and helps the makeup last longer throughout the day.

The Cost

The only real negative about this facial procedure is the price. Many celebrities have been known to get a caviar, or gold facial, before a red carpet or black tie event. This tells you that the facials are effective, but very expensive. This should go without saying, because caviar is expensive whether it be for eating or for beauty reasons. If you can bear the expense, these facials are extremely worth it. The positive results that come from this facial technique cannot be ignored. If you would like to reduce the appearance of fine lines and betray your age a little, this facial may be for you.

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