Remember David of the David After Dentist fame? After a father filmed his child recovering from anesthesia from a dental procedure, the video received over 100 million views and made phrases like “Is it going to be like this forever?” and “Is this real life?” popular.

Now, another post-wisdom teeth video is gaining in popularity. Chaddy, in the video “Chaddy wisdom teeth out,” was filmed by his parents after getting teeth pulled. The talkative teenager, whom his parents describe as a “super-polite good guy,” makes his parents, dentist, and nurse laugh with his groggy comments on the procedure and how he feels. Later, in the video of Chaddy at home, he responds to his mom’s offer for ice cream by claiming, “You’re the mom, so you know what’s best.” Soon after, he advises his dad to save money “for the Great Depression.”

Hilarious videos are only one of the benefits of removing wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth that erupt at angles can cause crowding, leading to a misaligned bite. For more information on how to fix your misaligned bite, you should contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe today.