When it comes to coffee, it’s not just a treat for most of us. That morning jo is what keeps us up and moving throuhgout our day. Many of us are probably guilty of putting coffee before brushing our teeth on some days, and even sometimes not brushing at all after being wrapped up in a warm mug. But just how detrimental is this really to our teeth’s health?

Brown Teeth and Bad Breath

Drinking excess amounts of anything is never a good idea, especially when the drink of choice is something like coffee. This is because the staining factor of coffee beans can be a tough thing to combat. It’s brown coloring and high levels of caffeine are catalysts to make your teeth’s enamel a place to call home for a long time. However, the problems don’t just stop with the coffee itself.

Many people don’t necessarily prefer having black coffee, so they add lots of sugars and creamers to the mix to give it more flavor. In doing so, they are introducing higher counts of sugar that can have the same effects as eating a lot of candy or drinking multiple soft drinks in a day. This is why it is necessary to limit the number of cups of coffee we drink in a day as well as stay on top of our brushing schedule.

Whenever you let oral hygiene fall to the wayside, whether in be in the wake of a coffee binge or anything else you ingest, the consequences could be serious. Enamel can break down in a matter of days if not cleaned properly, and the invading bacteria and plaque will find their way into the teeth and gums causing sometimes irreversible damage to their integrity. That is when it’s time for an oral health professional to intervene.

Houston’s Oral Health Specialists

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