Six Month Smiles is a type of bracket with tooth-colored wire orthodontic correction used in the straightening of both front upper and lower teeth in an estimated six months period (treatment period may, however, vary as it depends on individual misalignment problems). They are an alternative to traditional braces to give you a beautiful smile.

With the use of tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires and clear brackets, Six Month Smiles braces can be employed to tackle quite a number of orthodontic conditions that can cause problems thereby affecting the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. The mode of treatment which combines low-movement forces together with the short overall treatment time, serves to create an increase in the comfort, oral hygiene, and safety of the patient which makes it just perfect for those patients that are only desirous of the cosmetic teeth straightening advantages of braces and not more sophisticated corrections aimed at their occlusion or bite.


Who Can Use Six Months Smile?

As a short-term orthodontic treatment, Six Month Smiles is appropriate for a number of misalignment problems which is inclusive of, intrusions, extrusions, tipping, and rotations. It is also suitable to tackle problems that can lead to common cosmetic dental issues that affect the front teeth, which includes; Diastemas and spacing, overbites and open bites, crowding and overlapping teeth, canted midlines and asymmetry, and Reverse smile lines.


Treatment Procedure Using Six Month Smiles

When you go for a consultation, your orthodontist will comprehensively examine your gums, teeth, and overall oral health to ascertain for sure if you are eligible to use Six Month Smiles. This will be achieved by taking intraoral and facial photographs, X-rays, and impressions of your teeth that will be used in the fabrication of models that illustrate how they fit together.

Once your dentist has come to the conclusion that you are eligible, the laboratory they are taken to will use the models created to make a calculation of the precision tooth movement that is necessary in order to attain the straightening effects on your front teeth that is desired, as well as the positions that the tooth-colored wires and clear brackets should be placed.

The clear brackets and tooth-colored archwires will be fitted for you on your next appointment. Your dentist fuses the brackets to your teeth through the application of a bonding adhesive to the brackets and also on the enamel surface of your front teeth. It’s easy because the brackets are delivered precisely positioned inside a custom-fabricated tray which helps your dentist to place them in the exact position where they should be on your teeth.

Upon application of the adhesive bonding agent to the brackets and also your teeth, a custom tray is then inserted onto your teeth by your dentist and held in place to make sure that brackets seats properly. The tray can then be removed immediately once everything is set. A high-intensity light is used to harden the adhesive to make certain that the brackets remain secure. The dentist the moves on to attachment of the tooth-colored archwires and also, they are adjusted to make sure that they carry out the right movement for your teeth to give you straight teeth.

You will be required to visit your dentist after the initial placement appointment for constant adjustments and tightening of the archwires every four to five weeks until you have e run the course of your treatment. These appointments that are made for adjustment should take only about 10 to 15 minutes of your time. Upon completion of your treatment, the brackets and wires will be removed.


What is the Length of Treatment Time?

Just as the name indicates, treatment with Six Month Smiles lasts an average of six months, however in some cases as few as only four months is needed or more months up to nine months. The time period that is required to attain your desired results in your own case will be determined for you with the help of your dentist.

How To Care For Your Braces

When you have successfully fixed your Six Month Smiles braces, it is vital that you maintain proper oral hygiene and also abstain from consuming certain foods. When wearing braces, a lack of proper brushing can possibly lead to damage of the enamel, so it is very important for you to brush your teeth at least thrice in a day. A suggestion by many orthodontists is that you carry a toothbrush along with you so that it is possible for you to brush your teeth after taking lunch while at work. Underneath of the dental arch, wires can be cleaned with the use of interdental brushes and a water pik in order to boost oral hygiene. It is also advisable to use fluoride mouth rinses to carry out a maintenance of the underlying enamel and also, the tooth structure.

As for foods, orthodontists suggest that sticky foods should be avoided because there is a possibility that they can get stuck underneath the braces and therefore cause a possible detachment. It is also advised to desist from hard foods and candy because they may destroy the bond between brackets and the enamel or even the braces themselves.

Drinks and food substances with either a high sugar or acidic content should not be consumed due to the fact that they may cause a difficulty in the maintenance of oral hygiene and lead to enamel damage. Before foods such as apples are consumed, they should be cut into pieces so that they do not damage the dental braces.

Upon completion of your treatment, you will need to use a retainer to ensure that a relapse does not occur.


Six Month Smiles vs. Traditional Orthodontic Correction

When trying to tackle your orthodontic issues with traditional orthodontic correction methods, it will take two years for your treatment to be completed. But in the case of using Six Months Smiles, treatment should take only about six months to complete, this is possible because the treatment places a focus on the use of low-force movement in moving teeth for the correction of only anterior spacing and issues of alignment that is affecting the cosmetic appearance of the smile. Complex malocclusion or bite problems are not corrected.

Who Should Perform The Treatment?

Treatment with the use of Six Month Smiles is provided by general dentists and orthodontists who have undergone a professional training organized by the manufacturer. Dentists are armed with an in-depth knowledge and required skills to be used in performing short-term orthodontics, with emphasis placed on treatment planning and case selection.