A smile makeover can be defined as the process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as Dental veneers, composite bonding, tooth implants, and teeth whitening.

Some factors that are put into consideration when going for a smile makeover include, facial appearance of the patient, hair color, skin tone, teeth condition (width, color, shape, length, and also tooth display), lips and gum tissue. People perform smile makeovers for a large number of reasons and they can be customized to suit your unique needs.

There are different reasons why people choose to do a smile makeover. So if there is something that you are not happy about concerning your smile, your cosmetic dentist will do a review with you and then some of these defects can be worked upon. Let us take a look at some of the aspects of smile that your cosmetic dentist can help you improve on.


Tooth Color: Traditionally, amalgam or silver dental fillings are used in tooth restoration. But the drawback is that they the color of these fillings might leave you with an awkward smile due to the color difference with natural teeth. Recently though, natural tooth-colored composite restorations can give you a wonderful new smile. Teeth whitening is also a method you can use to improve on the color of a dulled or stained teeth. In the preparation and assessment needed for certain procedures such as crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges, dental implants, and composite bonding, one very important consideration is tooth color and shading.

When you are pondering on your teeth color, you should have it at the back of your mind that teeth that are either discolored or dark may be suggestive of an old or aged mouth. Some the thing that constitutes a beautiful smile includes, having bright and white teeth. This might make you look more youthful when you smile. Special consideration is given to your face and hair tone and color by your dentist when evaluation of the selection of the shade of your teeth whitening and veneers are being carried out. You should know that cosmetic dentists are highly skilled at attaining the right balance between the provision of a brighter, whiter smile for you and maintenance of a natural tooth color.

Alignment and Spacing: Crooked teeth or teeth that have gaps between them or that are overlapping can be aligned or straightened out as the case may be, by employing orthodontics or Invisalign and can be improved on with veneers.

Missing Teeth: A missing tooth or two is sure to impact negatively on the appearance of your smile – your bite can be affected as well and risk of having tooth decay can be increased – this makes replacement of tooth a vital part of facial aesthetics and oral health. Dental implants, partial dentures or bridges can be used to replace missing teeth.

Balance and Harmony: Chipped teeth, uneven and cracked teeth can be cosmetically bonded bring about an improvement in appearance, also, it is possible to re-contour a gummy smile so that there can be an improvement in the general look of the smile.

Fuller Smile, Lips and Cheeks: Do you have an aging or unshapely face that causes you to worry? Then you should know that your condition can be improved upon on through some procedures in the smile makeover sector such as oral maxillofacial surgery and/or orthodontics.

Working closely with you, your cosmetic dentist will develop a treatment plan that is designed to achieve the exact aim that you desire from the makeover. The treatment plan is likely to consist of different cosmetic and functionally restorative procedures, which may be inclusive of composite bonding, veneers, teeth whitening, dental crowns, orthodontics (braces), gummy smile reduction and oral maxillofacial surgery.


Components of a Smile Makeover

There are other factors that your dentist will look at apart from the alignment and balance of your teeth and the color. These attributes are also important and some are listed below.

Length of Tooth: Since aging is a cause for wear that leads to shorter teeth, long teeth gives off a youthful appearance. The two front center teeth can be reshaped and lengthened to tackle the issue. Since a gummy smile can also make your teeth appear shorter, your cosmetic dentist can try to modify your gum line and then lengthen your teeth appearance with the use of laser dentistry procedures. A periodontist can help to lengthen your crown if there is a need for it. Shapely, square, long teeth on an individual with a round face can project a slimming effect. This goes to show the impact of teeth lengthening on the overall facial appearance.

Proportions of Tooth: An examination of your teeth by your cosmetic dentist will determine if they are in an accurate proportion with each other. A smile that is dominated by the two central front teeth with a width to length ratio of around 4 – 5 is usually generally recognized as a pleasing smile. This proportion serves as a guide to make sure your smile line is balanced.

Characterization and Texture of Tooth: Your crowns or veneers can be skillfully crafted by an artistic dentist to give off a masculine or feminine appearance as well creating a perfect match to your natural teeth.

The smile line is also another component that is factored in.


How to Care for Your Makeover

Regular care for oral hygiene and maintenance is needed to keep your smile makeover in a good shape. This is because all the different types of smile makeovers may eventually wear out with time. An example is the case of teeth whitening. The procedure would need to be repeated from time to time to maintain the brightness. Same goes for other smile makeover procedures. There must be the maintenance of one form or another.

It important that you are careful in the selection of your cosmetic dentist and also that you make inquiries regarding the available options of the materials to be used as your choice of dentist and materials can have an impact on the longevity of your smile makeover.

It is also compulsory that an evaluation of your oral health is done before your treatment plan can be designed. Your gums, teeth, occlusion and underlying support structure will be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that a smile makeover procedure will be safe for you.

Your dentist can give you a detailed knowledge on things such as the cost, maintenance and also, the types of food or drinks that will be safe for you to consume with the particular procedure you have chosen. Regular visits to your dentist after undergoing a successful procedure is also advised.