This year Botox® celebrate its tenth anniversary as being a FDA approved wrinkle treatment. You‘ve probably seen the word splashed across beauty magazines and celebrity gossip sites, but what is it exactly—and does it live up to the hype?

Also known as “the 11’s”, these pesky wrinkles can make men and women feel like they look overly tired or even angry—and definitely older than they feel.

The treatment, which takes just 10-15 minutes, involves getting prescription medicine injected into the targeted muscles between the brows. Botox works by blocking nerve pulses to the injected muscles, which then reduces the muscle activity that causes deep lines to form. It’s important to note that although muscle activity is reduced, patients are still completely able to make natural facial expressions. Results from treatment appear within days and last an average of 3-4 months.

Is it worth it? Approximately 11.8 million Americans have received the treatment since 2002, and according to most studies over 90% have been satisfied with the results.

Getting a Botox treatment is already easy, but now that A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe has opened its Med Spa, you can beautify your smile and skin in one place. Contact the office to schedule an appointment with our onsite aesthetician today.