As parents, it’s our duty to help our children develop healthy living habits at an early age that will carry them into adulthood. For this reason, we believe that working with your kids to form a daily flossing routine will promote lifelong oral health that will prevent the development of many oral health issues as an adult, like gum disease.



daily flossing routine


Make Flossing Fun!

Let’s be honest, flossing sounds about as fun as eating broccoli to children, but there are many ways to change this perception. There are a number of fun flossing tools that help take the blah out of this bathroom activity, and also help children reach normally hard-to-reach areas in the back of their mouth. Turn on a song and make it a two-minute flossing dance party. If you have many kids, turn it into a competition to see who flosses the best. Find what you believe will help motivate your kids to enjoy their daily flossing routine, similar to the way they look forward to a story at bedtime.


Reward Them

Even a small reward can function as a great way to motivate your child to floss. Sometimes this can be as simple as praising your child for flossing by complementing their smile and letting them know you are proud that they value their oral health. If you want to add additional reward to this practice we suggest small rewards, like an extended 15 minutes of playtime before bedtime or earning stickers that lead to a bigger reward–like a trip to the park on Friday or a sleepover with a friend. We suggest refraining from rewarding them with things that are harmful to their oral health–like soda, candy, or the counteractive phrase “if you floss tonight, you don’t have to floss tomorrow”– in order to best promote the importance of oral health and a healthy daily flossing routine.


Create Your Own Daily Flossing Routine

As a parent, it is inevitable that your kids will want to imitate you, so develop your own daily flossing routine for them to imitate. If they see that you place importance on your oral health, they are more likely to want to floss as well–and it also prevents the argument “why do I have to floss, you don’t do it.” Creating this routing will not only help your child develop healthy flossing habits, but you will see the benefits as well.
We all want our children to grow up into healthy individuals and helping them develop a daily flossing routine is just one way to help in this endeavor. If you would like to learn more about flossing and how to floss properly, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists.