Call the babysitter, because tonight is the perfect night to enjoy a dance under the stars with your partner. Dancing Under the Stars is an evening event hosted by Sugar Land Town Square and is open to the public. Dance instructors from the world renowned Fred Astaire Dance Studio will guide you throughout the night and teach you and your partner a few new tricks. In honor of this event, we’re providing you with a few do’s and don’t’s to dazzle your date on the dance floor.

dancing under the stars

Do: Relax

If you’re not a regular dancer, it’s likely that your nerves may cause you to tense up. This makes your moves less fluid and the dance less enjoyable. Take a deep breath and relax. Roll your shoulders back and just have fun. Relaxing while you dance will make it easier to pick up new dance moves and you’ll have a much better time.

Don’t: Make it a Competition

Although it may be hard to avoid looking at other couples, don’t compare yourself to them. Just because another couple picked up the dance moves on the first try doesn’t mean they’re winning. It’s not a competition.

Do: Smile

This goes hand-in-hand with relaxing. Smiling will not only improve your mood– but it will make you even more attractive to your partner. Even if you step all over their toes, a nice smile will take the pain right away. If you really want to make your smile radiate, try our Zoom! Whitening treatment— which removes stains in less than an hour.

dancing under the stars

The doors for the Dancing Under the Stars event open at 7:30pm and everyone’s invited. We encourage you to participate in this event and enjoy the time with your partner. We at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe hope to see you there, with dancing shoes and smiles aplenty!