Dental floss is a lot like toothpaste in which the type you use mainly depends on the your oral health needs and personal preference. There are flosses with different coatings, flavors and thickness, but all types of floss have a common goal. If the floss you choose is fully functional, comfortable and enables you to easily clean the hard-to-reach areas between your teeth, then you have chosen the best one for yourself! So, to find the right type of floss for you, here is a breakdown of your dental floss options.


Flavored Dental Floss


We tend to associate oral care with a feeling of freshness. Although the main purpose of floss is to remove plaque, many people prefer flavored floss to add a fresh and clean feeling to their routine. It also quickly takes away any possible lingering smells from the plaque buildup. Choosing a fun flavor like watermelon or grape for your kids is a great way to convince them to floss with you! Adding flavor gives an additional purpose to flossing beyond cleaning out the crevices. So, if you’re into flossing with your kids and want to acheive that fresh breath, flavored floss is your best bet!


Single Use Flossers


Single-use flossers are for those of us who love to floss on-the-go. The handheld version allows you to get a quick clean after your work luncheon or while on the way to an important meeting. Again, these tools attract the kids because everything is better when made easy. If your kids have a hard time using the right amount of floss or don’t like wrapping it around their fingers, get them a hand held flosser that contains a handle and the perfect amount of string. The best feature of the flossers is their ability to floss and scrape plaque from the surfaces of your teeth when a toothbrush isn’t handy. If you are a die hard flavored floss fan but love the idea of a handheld option, have no fear. Single use flossers come in all different flavors as well!


Gentle Dental Floss


If you have extremely sensitive gums, you may want to invest in gentle dental floss to keep gum breakage and bleeding to a minimum.For the most part this type of floss is just as effective as regular floss, and for those people that require a more sensitive approach to flossing, especially when just starting out, this is the best option.


All types of floss have equal effectiveness and quality when used regularly. If you need help finding out what kind of dental floss is best for you and your family to use, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe today to set up an appointment. Our dentists and staff members are experts at finding the best ways to enhance your oral health routine.