Assisting in the care of individuals with mental disabilities can be complex at times, but with the proper knowledge and information, dental care won’t be a challenge. At A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe, we are happy to make accommodations in order to provide quality care to individuals with disabilities. Here are some tips for maintaining dental care for individuals with intellectual challenges.

  • Encouraging proper oral hygiene habits. Depending on the severity of mental disabilities, every day tasks may require extra time and attention. Remind the individual to brush his or her teeth and floss, and teach him or her the proper ways to do so.
  • Communicate openly with your dentist office. Prior to a dentist appointment, talk to your dentist about accommodations and ways to make a dental visit as comfortable as possible. Discuss anxiety the individual may have, minimizing distractions, and any physical challenges that may arise.
  • Encourage the individual with intellectual disabilities to take control of his or her own health as much as possible. Proper nutrition, in particular, is critical to maintain overall and oral health.
People with mental disabilities have a high rate of untreated tooth decay, so be sure to make regular dentist appointments. Contact us with any questions you may have.