Dental Implants: an Alternative to Dentures

Tooth loss can happen naturally to most adults as they grow older. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, the average number of remaining teeth in adults aged 50 to 64 is 22.3, as opposed to 25.05 in adults 35 to 49 years of age and 26.9 in adults 20 to 34 years old. Because a missing tooth could lead to adjacent teeth falling out, tooth loss raises concerns regarding lifestyle and oral health. While dentures have been a favored solution to tooth loss for years, dental implants can achieve the same results without the inconveniences of dentures. The following are some common complaints patients have with dentures.

1. Applying the adhesive for dentures can be tedious, and it does not always create a secure bond.

2. A loose bond can cause discomfort and gum irritation in the mouth.

3. Chewy foods can dislodge dentures and cause pain.

4. Dentures should be removed daily, and reapplied the next day.

All of the above annoyances can be avoided with the use of implants instead of dentures. Here are a few benefits that can be enjoyed with dental implants.


The most common reason patients choose dental implants over dentures is the increased comfort in comparison to dentures. Since tooth replacements are designed to last for years, it is important to avoid discomfort for such an extended time period. With dental implants, you can enjoy all of the pleasures of a bright, full smile without the pains and disturbances of dentures.


It is recommended that dentures be replaced every 4 to 8 years, depending on your specific oral condition. Your teeth are expected to last a lifetime, and so should your tooth replacement! After the installation of an implant, jaw bone accepts and merges with the implant, integrating it permanently into your smile. Because of this permanence, there is no additional maintenance required for a dental implant after the initial recovery process. A sealant can be used to protect the longevity of your teeth and implants even further!


Because the implant becomes a permanent part of your smile, it looks just like a regular tooth. Patients concerned with appearance are generally much more satisfied with dental implants than with dentures, as there is little to no visible indication of an implant. Ultimately, the only people who would know about your implants are you, your dentist, and whom you decide to tell!

By replacing teeth effectively with the convenience that dentures offer, dental implants give you the best of both worlds! To consult with a dentist about implants and other restorative dental treatments, please contact us at Sugarland Dental Spa, in the Houston, Texas area.




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