Recently, many of our dental patients have expressed concern over X-rays and their link to cancer. X-rays are used to examine parts of the body that would otherwise not be observable. In our office, X-rays show areas of tooth decay, help diagnose cavities, and guide our treatment plans. While dental X-rays are a form of radiation, in reality, they account for about 3% of radiation exposure over the course of a lifetime, and the benefits far outweigh the minimal risk.

The radiation used in dentists’ offices is very low-dose. Additionally, the X-ray machine specifically targets the mouth area, minimizing radiation exposure to the rest of your head. Lead aprons are worn during X-ray procedures in order to prevent the X-ray radiation from penetrating the rest of your body. We also use the most up-to-date technology possible, so our film speed is fast, minimizing radiation exposure. Medical and dental X-rays are very safe—in fact, your body receives the most radiation when it interacts with radon, an element used in home-building, and rocks, which contain natural radiation.

Furthermore, dental X-rays are a necessity for oral health. They’re used to detect tooth decay, bone loss in the jaw, and identify any other abnormalities that could lead to tooth loss or more serious surgical procedures. At A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe, we’re dedicated to your health and safety. If you’d like to discuss dental X-rays with us further, contact our office today.