A recurring trend that has made it’s way to the commercial oral hygiene market is the addition of tongue scrapers and tongue cleaners to the backsides of toothbrushes. As you walk do the aisle you may see more applications to help clean your tongue and keep it as fresh as the rest of your mouth. With the increase in rubber brushes and awareness of ‘tongue health’, many people are wondering what the importance of cleaning their tongue is.

Having plaque build up on your teeth can spell bad news for the enamel and integrity of their appearance and health. It’s no secret that built up bacteria and germs on the face of and in the cracks of your teeth can lead to more mouth problems, most prevalent being bad breath. But bacteria doesn’t hide on just your teeth. The growth of bacteria on your tongue can cause your mouth some problems.

How Do I Know If My Tongue Has Bacteria?

Are you ever catching the site of your tongue in the mirror and stop for a second to look at it? Inspecting your tongue after brushing your teeth is a great way to get some insight on the health of your mouth. If you notice that slight filmy cover on your tongue, that white build up of seemingly chalky residue on your tongue then you most likely have increased levels of decaying bacteria resting on your tongue. Because of the function and structure of your tongue sensories and taste buds, your tongue is actually a porous muscle. This means that bacteria can easily build and tuck away on the surface of your tongue.

This bacteria over time will build up and end up creating a rather significant odor. You can also tell if you have a lingering odd odor that you smell in your nose as if leftover food is in your mouth This comes from the interconnection between your taste and your smell. When you notice these alterations to your mouth, it’s time to consider cleaning your tongue to better your breathe and future bacterial growth near your teeth.

How Do I Clean My Tongue?

As mentioned before there are a number of different tongue cleaners on the market. While they may look different, they all essentially do the same job. Using the scrubber and warm water, be sure to scrape away as much bacteria buildup as you can and get a clean sweep over the entire face of your tongue. After washing out your mouth with warm water, consider using a mouthwash with antibacterial qualities to kill all of the toughest small clumps of bacteria that could be lingering in your gums and tongue.

Keeping a clean tongue is just another step in keeping your overall oral health at an all time high. Bacteria and plaque build up is the enemy of your teeth and breath and can be hiding all over your mouth. Next time you’re at your appointment here at Sugar Land Dental Spa, consider talking to your oral hygienist about cleaning your tongue.