Looking for a quick fix to get the best smile, welcome to the best Six Month Smiles you can ever get at Sugarland Dental Spa.

Chances are you are not satisfied with your current teeth structure and smile; if you want a Six Month Smiles or the best Six Month Smiles; visit Sugarland Dental today to fix the misalignment. In this article, we will analyze to you why this short-term smile procedure will probably be an option that you might want to go through with for an immediate smile.

Are the Six Month Smiles really true?

Having a crooked smile can put a big dent in your image causing you embarrassment and lack of confidence. Normally, braces are the first options for fixing your teeth but because the Six Month Smiles are sort by adults, putting on braces can be a bit daunting and childish.

The Six Month Smiles are the alternative to metal braces for aligning misaligned teeth without the use of brackets and colored wires. They work fast, comfortable to wear and are not obvious like metal braces. And as the name suggests, you will get a new bright and sexy smile with the Six Month Smiles in a matter of months.

Treatment Procedure for the best Six Month Smiles

Before we go into what this treatment entails, it is best to know that due to the short term effect of this procedure, it is always good is a to have it done by a good doctor from a certified and qualified facility to ensure 100 percent success without compromising in quality and safety.

Usually, the procedure is not recommended for everyone, so your dentist has to ensure you are a candidate. The list of good candidacy will be enumerated next in the article.

How does it work?

The Six Month Smiles work by straightening your teeth using an unobtrusive bracket and tooth-colored wires to compress the teeth together and align them within a period of six months. The duration of six months is because this time is suitable for adults who do not need to have their bites fixed to have properly aligned teeth.

Secondly, rather than suffer from a mouth tool for years, the Six Month Smiles targets the teeth by applying the right pressure for just the stipulated period. Furthermore, because this procedure does only straightening, the patient looks forward to a more aligned smile with their teeth back in place ad shape.

What are the aftercare tips for a Six Month Smiles?

Follow your dentist instructions: even after the six months is over, some dentist still requests that the patients wear the braces at night to keep the process going for a more former and together look.

Don’t relent on your dental hygiene process

Having good oral hygiene is the basis of a good mouth of teeth, so whether you undergo a procedure or not, ensure you brush twice a day and floss after each meal.

Call your doctor if you observe any unnecessary shifts or wideness in the teeth formation after the procedure. If not, you can enjoy the best Six Month Smiles from Sugarland Dental Spa today.

How much do the Six Month Smiles cost?

Well, dentists and services rendered are different for a Six Month Smiles procedure. The standard charge rate for this procedure ranges from 3000 to 5,000 dollars which is a fair price to pay for a cosmetic procedure that will have your smile back in just six months.

The pros of the Six Month Smiles procedure

  • Swift treatment: this is why most people go for this procedure – the fact that it lasts only six months. It is an intense orthodontic treatment option that enables misaligned teeth to be straight and brighter without affecting your bite in the process.
  • The oblivious bracket: the conventional brackets for kids and teens were metallic in nature and clunky. It was also uncomfortable and sometimes discolored your teeth due to rusting. The Six Month Smiles uses transparent braces that are not seen until you take a closer look allowing you to lead normal lives with shame.
  • The cost: The prices on the Six Month Smiles might look steep but when compared to other dental treatments in the market; you will realize that you are paying a token for a smile.
  • No prep times: Patients don’t need any special treatment of care before the procedures as their details and specifications were taken prior to the day of the procedure.
  • Affordable and painless – If you are looking for a simple teeth procedure that will not burden you emotionally or affect your bank account, then the Six Month Smiles is the one for you.
  • No teeth extraction is necessary for the Six Month Smiles procedure, hence no numbing or anesthesia required

However, the treatments are different for each patient but it last six months.

The cons

  • Six Month Smile does fix you bite or align your jawline but only your teeth
  • Sometimes the results are not what patients expect

What can a Six Month Smile cure?

Six months smiles are best for protruding teeth, crooked teeth, crowded teeth and too much gap in between your teeth. Other issues are the mild rotation, overbites, cross bites, teeth symmetry among others.

Who is a candidate for Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is the best option for the problems listed above and the candidates for this cosmetic procedure are:

  • Teens and adults
  • People with good dental health but improper looking teeth
  • People that want their teeth to look better
  • People that want to change the appearance of their front teeth
  • If you have other problems that you feel this procedure can correct, then visit your dentist and talk it through with him/her.

If this treatment sounds too good to be a reality then you obviously have not been to Sugarland Dental Spa where we do all things teeth. The benefits of the Six Month Smiles outweigh the risk and having a Six Month Smiles in Sugarland will allow you to enjoy all this and more with any hassle.  Visit us today and book an appointment for the best 6 month smiles just for you.