The electric toothbrush.  Is this well marketed dental tool truly a model of modern technology, or is it just a toothbrush with a motor attached?  What are the benefits?  Are they worth purchasing?  Plenty of people got along just fine without them in the past, so what’s the big deal?

Well, the big deal is that they make our lives easier, for one.  Like many things in life, automating a process via technology saves time and effort.  While the time and effort in this particular situation is minimal, reducing it is still desirable.

The benefits of an electric toothbrush will vary depending on the quality of brush.  For example, certain options only have an on/off switch, while others have timers that indicate when it is time to switch sections or stop all together.  Universally speaking however, these automated toothbrushes do generally provide a deeper more extensive clean than can be attained via a normal brushing.

Most electric toothbrushes have bristle heads that move between 10 and 30 thousand revolutions per minute.  The average person wouldn’t ever be able to get anywhere close to that sort of speed, delivering a clear advantage over normal brushes.  This spinning head can break up and blast away plaque and bacteria significantly better than a regular toothbrush, for the same amount of time.  Plus, some options deliver greater range, cleaning those harder to reach spots in the back of your mouth.

With this increased speed, users can generally see greater gum health as the bristles massage and stimulate the area.  Again, the same result could be delivered through regular un-motorized brushing, though certainly not with the same ease or speed.

Ultimately, the best decision is what works for you.  If you’re happy with your old toothbrush, and you rarely have dental issues, then stick with what works.  If you’re curious about using an electric brand however, why not give it a shot?  It will save you some time, deliver a greater clean, and will produce less waste over time.

As a word of caution however, don’t go out and purchase the most expensive option available right off the bat.  Try a cheaper selection first as a trial run.  If you are happy with the results and feel comfortable with your decision then you can graduate to a top-of-the-line electric toothbrush.