For years, electronic toothbrushes have taken over the grocery store oral health aisle. Their claim to fame is a better, more thorough scrub, not to mention their ever growing popularity. But do they actually make a difference?


Not Really.


Electric toothbrushes definitely have their upsides. They can be a very reliable tool for parents to give their kids in order to ensure a complete and proper tooth brushing. Electric brushes are also more preferable for those who have lower motor skills or joint problems like arthritis – less movement for the same effect. In most cases, an electronic toothbrush is just a convenient alternative to a manual toothbrush.


Manual toothbrushes work just as well when used properly. The list below provides a step-by-step routine to brush your teeth properly, whether you decide to use a manual toothbrush or an electronic toothbrush.


  • Brush at least two times a day.
  • Buy brushes with soft bristles unless otherwise directed by dentist.
  • Brush in sections, rinsing in between.
  • Start with the outer side of the top molars brushing down, away from the gum line, then move to the lower.
  • Next, the bottom molars – outer then inner.
  • Hold the brush vertically to brush the back of the top and bottom front teeth.
  • Brush the chewing surfaces on the molars.
  • Brush the four front teeth on top and bottom, using small circular motions.
  • Finally, brush the tongue and inner cheeks to ensure fresh breath.
  • Rinse.


This should go on for at least two minutes to ensure a thorough cleaning. It is also important to remember to spend extra time on any dental work you may have, like a crown or braces.


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