Taking care of baby teeth is just as important as keeping adult teeth clean and healthy. Oral hygiene habits should begin to be established early in childhood, starting with the emergence of your child’s first tooth. However, children are often forget or dislike brushing their teeth twice a day. Here are a few tips to make brushing more enjoyable for your child:

  • Start early. The earlier that you introduce your child to a toothbrush, the more accustomed they will be to brushing twice a day. When your baby’s first teeth come in, buy a soft, small toothbrush and gently brush his or her teeth every night.
  • Brush with them. Children are more likely to enjoy an activity if they see their parents enjoying it. Include your child when you brush your teeth in during your morning and evening routines.
  • Use rewards. Keep a jar in the bathroom, and every time your child brushes his or her teeth, let them put a marble in the jar. When the jar is full, reward your child with a toy, a fun outing, or another special treat.

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