Tooth pain can happen over night and leave a patient virtually impaired from talking or eating. Often times this pain is derived from a serious need for a root canal procedure after it is discovered that the central nerve of a tooth is being harmed by decay or bacteria growing inside the tooth. While it seems scary, root canal procedures are very common and basic.

The procedure start off by identifying exactly which tooth is having the issue and how bad the issue is. This is done through a series of xrays to determine exactly which part of the pulp and your tooth’s natural cavity, the housing of the nerve, is being effected. After the area can be isolated, sedation will begin to prepare the patient for the breach hole.  rootcanal2

After a minor hole is drilled into the tooth in order to reach the central cavity, a micro-file is used to scrape out all the rotting and decaying pulp which is causing the pain for your tooth. These infected areas are in contact with the nerve of your tooth, which supplies the nutrients to keep the tooth healthy while also sending sensory signals to your brain. Which the infect pulp removed, your cavity must be packed full of a replacement to ensure the tooth’s strength and nerve’s well being.

The Application of Gutta Percha

Gutta Percha is actually a tree which has been harvested for hundreds of years for many different applications. The properties of the tree’s sap are widely used in the production of latex and have found a home in the application of the dental world.

The latex sap is used in the process of obturation, where the gap that has now been cleaned in a root canal is then filled in order to remove the void and allow and hardened strength to be restored to the tooth. While it seems a bit outlandish, the use of gutta percha is very natural and harmless. It has also been used in many other endodontic procedures.

Scheduling Your Root Canal Today

If you’ve been experiencing serious and sharp pain centered around a single tooth, your tooth’s nerve could be in dire need of a root canal. Don’t suffer through the pain any longer, contact Sugar Land Dental Spa today to schedule your examination to determine if an immediate root canal is right for you.