Believe it or not, the functions of your mouth are very fast paced. Your teeth and gums act very quickly on their own account as well as in reaction to whatever process they are undergoing.Overnight, your teeth can shift, proceed, or even fall out, and wisdom teeth are no exception.

Although you may hear many stories about people needing to get their wisdom removed, there are many patients whose wisdom teeth have enough room to fall into place. In the event that your adult teeth fall into place with enough room in the back for your wisdom teeth to adjust comfortably, your jaw will allow the process of their development and placement. However, this is a process that takes time and can leave your gums a bit sore in the interim.   wisdomtooth2

Accommodating Exposed Wisdom Teeth

In the time where your tooth is beginning to erupt and ‘expose’ itself from your gums, the process can be a bit annoying and painful. Aside from the constant sensation of feeling like there is still food stuck in the back of your teeth there will also be a high risk for infection or interruption in the process.

Brushing your teeth is one of the best ways to assure a healthy journey for your wisdom tooth. Gums will become worn down and exposed as the tooth erupts, thus making them more susceptible to bacteria and food particles getting stuck in them. Brushing over the exposed wisdom tooth will assure it’s cleanliness and start it’s life in your mouth off on the right track.

Dental Assistance With Eruption

Sometimes your gums are actually too strong and resilient to allow full exposure of your erupting wisdom tooth. Your mouth will suppress the movement of the tooth or even derail it from it’s path, causing a wisdom tooth to grow in crooked or offset and lead to a lifetime of nuisance. In the event of wisdom tooth disruption, a dental visit may be in need.

If your wisdom tooth is experiencing discomfort while erupting from your mouth, contact an oral hygienist today to discuss assistance with exposing the tooth. Properly trained dental technicians can help adjust your gums to allow an easier process for your tooth to fall into place. Call Sugar Land Dental Spa today to schedule an appointment.