Occasionally, a news story will surface about someone finding a fish with human teeth. Photos of the fish reveal a mouth filled with eerily human-like pearly whites. The discovery usually confuses local authorities, but most of these fish are later identified as pacu, a relative to the piranha.

Pacu are normally found in South American streams and rivers. However, a few small populations exist in the United States, and occasionally one of these odd creatures are found in ponds around America. In fact, almost 30 states have reported discovering a pacu in one of their bodies of water. Similar to piranhas, pacu fish can be dangerous, so when a pacu is found, it is usually killed or given to a local aquarium.

Animals’ teeth develop based on their diet. However, pacu fish feed mainly on soft vegetation, so its human-like teeth are a curious phenomenon. Although A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe doesn’t treat pacu fish, if you would like to schedule an appointment regarding your own teeth, contact us today.