Broken braces are one of the most common dental emergencies. Braces can be broken in multiple ways, but usually loosened cement and sticky foods are the culprits. Here are some signs that your braces may be broken:

  • Poking wires. If a wire from your braces is irritating or poking the inside of your mouth, it’s probably out of place.
  • Loose brackets. If a bracket isn’t completely attached to the tooth, the cement has probably loosened. In these situations, brackets may still be strung on the wire or they may come off completely.
  • Aching teeth. It’s normal for teeth to hurt for the first few days after an orthodontic adjustment, but if the pain persists, something may be broken.
  • Broken wires. The wires on your braces are very thin, and eating sticky, chewy food can result in broken wires.
  • Cuts or sores. If the inside of your mouth becomes irritated because your braces are rubbing against them, dental wax can usually fix the issue. However, if the problem persists, your braces may be fitted incorrectly.