Dentists have found countless ways to teach their patients how to keep clean and healthy teeth. The most obvious of solutions is total prevention from tooth staining activities such as drinking coffee, and eating candy or entire lemons. They also say that everything in moderation is okay, which generally works as advice for everything we do in life. Assuming not everyone is perfect, the list below is full of suggestions for what foods to eat that combats those moderate teeth-killing habits we all have.


Sugarfree Gum

This is perhaps the most exciting for those of us who cannot resist candy or sweets. Chewing gum creates a larger-than-normal amount of saliva, our natural tooth rinse. Saliva has the ability to get into all the “pits” of our teeth and wash away any lingering acids. It also contains a high amount of calcium and phosphate that clings to the teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to build up.



Much like saliva, cheese is packed with calcium, which is a key ingredient in strengthening teeth to prevent soft spots that have potential for cavities and plaque build up. Cheese is also high in phosphorus which has the ability to “remineralize” tooth enamel, which basically means it rebuilds the enamel worn away by acids.


Food high in fiber

High-fiber foods like spinach, peas or broccoli require more chewing than other types of foods, which requires more saliva to wash out your mouth naturally. In addition, fibers are rough and simulate an actual tooth scrub while chewing.


Lean Proteins

Foods that are high in protein yet low in fat, like poultry, fish and eggs for instance,  are healthy for the entire body, including your teeth. The high levels of protein keeps your teeth strong and allows enamel to rebuild at a quicker rate. They also have a much lower amount of sugar and carbohydrates, both of which speed up the rate of tooth decay.


Fruits and Veggies

Although full of sugar, fruits are also very high in water which counteracts the sugar to help wash the mouth clean with every bite. Vegetables on the other hand, typically have a harder surface which requires extra saliva to break down the food into smaller particles, with no extra added sugar similar to those found in fruit. Having a nutritious diet promotes an overall healthy mouth and prevents oral complications like gum disease or excessive cavities. In moderation, fruits like apples and strawberries have an extremely positive effect on tooth cleanliness and strength.

Eating “right” is always a battle, but including these foods in your diet will keep your mouth clean which leads to a healthy body and mind. Contact Sugarland Dental Spa in the Houston, Texas area for a cleaning to kickstart your mouth cleaning diet!