Dental health is a big market for Americans. This is because majority of the people in the United States visited their respective dentist in 2012. Specifically, at least 8 out of 10 children (2 – 17 years old) and 6 out of 10 adults (18 years old and up) had a dental visit in the said year. This could also be an indication that many people are in need of dental care since they are having oral problems. In the data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, for the periods 2005 to 2008, 20 percent of the population have untreated dental caries while 75 percent had dental restorations. Today, among the popular options are lumineers.

Are lumineers the same with ordinary or traditional veneers?

For people with exposed dental caries or cavities, having a good smile is a big problem. Some are even shy to give a glimpse of their smile due to embarrassment. It is a good thing that there are already lumineers that can solve this problem.
In general, lumineers are ultra-thin dental products, similar to veneers, but with only 0.2 millimeters thickness. This is also highly translucent, which allows it to replicate the natural look of an enamel. Due to the ultra-thinness of lumineers, there is no more need for tooth reduction, unlike when putting thick veneers. Aside from that, lumineers are also highly durable that can last for over 20 years.
However, its main result are only to whiten and reshape the person’s teeth, rather than resolve dental caries.

Is the procedure painful and long?

Aside from its difference from traditional or ordinary veneers, another aspect that many people are concerned about lumineers is related to the procedure. Specifically, people would be asking their dentist if the procedure will be painful. Well, this is a common misconception. This is because the procedure is absolutely pain-free. Hence, what this means is that there is no more need to take anaesthesia shots or to grind down the tooth’s original structure. With this property, this means that the procedure is reversible or the lumineers can be removed.
Aside from that, there will be no post-placement discomfort that will be felt. Anyone who just had these will instantly feel normal right after the procedure.
In terms of the length of the procedure, it can usually be completed after two visits to the clinic. The first visit will involve the assessment of the upper and lower rows of the teeth, while the second visit is the completion of the placement. On the average, the procedure will only last for around an hour for every visit.

What kinds of food and drinks can you take afterwards?

People can still eat and drink anything they want after the placement. Nevertheless, as stated above, they only whiten and reshape the teeth. They are not replacement of good hygiene. Hence, regular visit to the dentist every six months is still a must. This is for the appropriate check-up and cleaning of the lumineers in order to keep the teeth as healthy as possible.